fox pups!

On April 1st my dad sent me a text saying that Lady, one of his foxes, had a litter of pups! I immediately and very excitedly texted Jeff “FOX BABIES!”, thought about it for a minute then sent a second text saying “Oh. It’s probably an April fools joke. Nevermind.” That just further cemented the fact that I’m not a fan of April Fools Day. It’s just a dumb day that people make up lies and then say “just kidding” which just isn’t funny to me at all. Few April Fools Day jokes actually make me laugh. Anyway, Jeff suggested perhaps it was a ploy to get my to come over since I always want to photograph baby animals but part of me knew that my dad knew better than to do that to me. My dad ended up calling me shortly after that text to say he wasn’t joking. I still wasn’t 100% sure he was telling the truth but a few hours later my mom confirmed the news with a few photos and an incredibly adorable video of the pups squeaking up a storm.

I didn’t make it out to my parents until the 17th of April so the pups we’re a few weeks old by then but still so incredibly small. They didn’t even have their eyes open yet. I didn’t get too many photos and honestly wasn’t even sure there were enough for a single post on them but I can’t resist sharing these photos. They’re just the sweetest little fuzzy babies!

Lady checking on who has her babies.

The timing of the birth means that in the last photo set of Foxy Lady I shared she was most likely pregnant at the time. My mom can’t stop talking about what a sweet mother Foxy Lady has become. She just adores my parents, enjoys being pet, and makes all sort of cute little noises for them.

You can find previous posts on Lady and Tramp here – June, late June, July, August, October, November, and February. I’ll, of course, be sharing updates on the babies as I have them. I’m excited to watch these little rascals grow and see their personalities develop.
Just a note to add that foxes definitely aren’t for everyone. They
require a lot of work, care, and attention. Not to mention in most
states they are illegal to keep as pets unless you have a license. They are very cute, obviously, but aren’t exactly ideal pets. Please do your research!


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