Friday Favorites #360

I am obsessed with this table runner.
 (via: Modcloth)
I don’t actually think I have very many things at all with drawers at the moment but the second I get a piece of furniture that has a drawer it’s handle is getting replaced with these incredible hand drawer pulls!
 (via: Art of Brass)
 (via: Fennec Design)
Eye really like these.
 (via: nuukk)
Such a great print on this bag!
How adorable is this brass rabbit planter?
 (via: Perpetual Kid)
 (via: ASOS)
You look good. I really love the idea of leaving positive messages all around the house for yourself and visitors.
 (via: Nectar Clothing)
How gorgeous are these plates!? They’re perfect!
 (via: Modcloth)
Love this wolf trinket dish. He’d be perfect to hold all the lapel pins that don’t fit on my display board.
 (via: Clay Opera)

Link love…
▴ I’ve got redecorating on the mind, like always, and can’t help but loooove this big mirror.
▴ A succulent rug!
This dress wouldn’t match my current hair but it sure is cute.
▴ Love love love these sheets.
Cactus socks. And another pair. Even more cactus socks. Aaaaand one last pair.
▴ How precious is this little pig lapel pin!?

Happy Friday!!

Ps. For more fun finds check out my Everyday Favorites! I spent a bunch of time this week updating it.

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  • Just scrolling through–that wolf trinket dish is ADORABLE! But also, at first I thought it was a planter and I was like, "take my money!! Oh… trinket dish…" Not that we don't always need places to keep our tiny air plants. 🙂

  • Oh my word, I wish I had the space/money to get all of these! Great pics! I think my favorite are those plates!! I'd be too scared to use them though in fear that I'd chip one. >.<