Friday Favorites #362

This little brass snail is so darn cute. I think he’d look really cute in my jungle of house plants.
I was looking for neat letter boards and found this one. It could just say that permanently and I’d be into it!
 (via: letterclub)
This nightgown looks so soft (which is probably my number one qualification for nightgowns.) Also, this whole photo emits a super cozy vibe. This might sound weird but it reminds me of getting into bed with freshly shaved legs which I’m pretty sure is the best feeling ever.
 (via: Lunaby)
This vintage card catalog is so dreamy. I guess my love of things like this comes from the fact that my dad probably has similar pieces that he keeps nuts, bolts, screws, and other miscellaneous garage stuff in. I didn’t realize that until earlier in the year when I was looking for lockers and he pointed to some that were in his garage. It’s like these things were a big part of my life and I never realized it until I started hunting them down for myself.
Vintage school posters like this one will always make me swoon. They’re just so awesome.
 (via: Bonnie and Bell)
This cactus print blouse!? YES, please! 
(via: ASOS)
This is the kind of space ship I wouldn’t mind getting beamed up into, one with alien cats!
I feel like for these last few months I have been very bedroom obsessed, and it’s not stopping today. This photo is to show off the linen duvet (which I looooove!) but seriously, that whole room is lovely!
 (via: Linen Tales)
Love love love this card. How can an illustration of a puppy dog look so darn happy!?
(via: Baltic Club)
 How cute are these lockets!?

Link love…
Donut kill my vibe.
▴ A cactus dress, I repeat, a cactus dress!!!
Sage leaf front confetti? YES!
▴ I don’t know that I’d ever want to spend more on a planter than I did the plant but I really really like this white ceramic planter.
▴ This notecard set is super cute!
This swan coat is THE most ridiculous, and I love it!

Happy Friday!!

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