National Letter Writing Month

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It’s starting to seem like every day is some funny holiday that people are celebrating on social media. Donut Day, Waffle Day, Grilled Cheese Day, etc. You know what? I LOVE IT. I also might be hungry since the only ones I named were food related. I think any reason is a good reason to celebrate the things you like. You may have heard already but April is National Letter Writing Month!

I’m not great at writing letters. I struggle finding things to talk about, and when I finally do fill a page it just seems like I’m rambling about things that aren’t really important. I have been putting some extra effort into sending out mail this month though! I’m sure once summer comes around I’ll slow down a bit so I’m squeezing in all the snail mail time I can while Ohio is treating me to some late in the year snow.

Not only is it Letter Writing Month but for the first time since 1919 the price of stamps has dropped! The cost of 1oz stamps went down two cents and the cost of postcard stamps went down a penny. I guess if you don’t mail too much it doesn’t matter all that much but it certainly starts to add up over time. I will be stocking up soon! Also, that’s totally a sign you should be celebrating Letter Writing Month! Don’t try to deny it.  

I’ve moved on from my beetle postcards seen in this post, just for now, and my current “thing” is sending pressed plants from my collection and decorating envelopes in lots of washi tape. First of all, Target had some really cute washi tape in their dollar section so I bought all that they had. (It was only a couple rolls, don’t think I went too crazy!) Plus decorating the outside of the envelope feels like a nice way to make everyone whose hands it touches along the way smile. Just adding a little of personality to a sea of bills and boring mail, ya know?

With Spring here pressed plants seem like a nice way to send some cheer. It’s also a really good way to clear out my collection. I LOVE pressing plants. I’ve been doing it for years but in all that time I’ve never really done anything with them other than photograph them for other little projects. I’m hoping they’re making it to their destination in one piece. I know the mail can be rough sometimes, even so it’s the thought that counts!

My goal of sending out 150 pieces of mail this year has officially been
squashed. I haven’t set a second goal but I’ll be happy as long as this
turns into a habit. Actually, I take that back. I haven’t sent a goal
for how many more pieces of mail I’d like to send but I did make it a
goal to send to all fifty states! So far I’ve sent to 38 states. If you’re from a smaller state that isn’t very densely populated, yours is probably one I haven’t found anyone to write with yet… you know what to do.

Stats as of April 11th
sent – 192  pieces
waiting to be dropped off –  22 pieces
mail sent to 34 of the 50 states! 

I’m, of course, always looking for more folks to write with. For more details check out this post.

Happy Letter Writing Month!

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  • Amazing! So much happy mail must be mood lifting šŸ™‚ And good to know about the letter writing month, reminds me to write letters! Although, at the same time I feel like a bad friend, that I need a reason to write a letter, and don't do it all the time. Need to change this!! šŸ™‚

  • Well you know how much I love these posts šŸ™‚ and I just raided Target for that triangle tape as well! It's funny you said you never know what to write. I usually just start rambling about how great the card is that I'm writing on. HA! Keep writing girl! Oh I also love your "outgoing" bin and the fact that it says "outgoin'".

    • Hahaha! I find myself doing that a lot too! Sometimes I just want to acknowledge how gosh darn cute the card is.

      I didn't have another "g"! Figured "outgoin" was good enough. šŸ˜›

  • Yesterday was National Sibling Day. Other than that, I can't think of non-food days either. I'm glad letter writing gets a whole month. I popped a letter for you in the mail today finally, and told my facebook friends to send their addresses so I will def. be participating! šŸ™‚

  • Gah, such lovely things to receive in the post!

    I want to send more letters, as I fear my Grandma is a little overrun with my handwritten updates, but I don't really know if anyone else would like to write to me. If I could open a PO Box, I think that'd be super cool!

  • In my country people are not often write letters due to extremely poor national post service: letters get lost, come to late, damaged, etc. Also it's easier to write an email or chat via facebook, you know. I like to write letters to my friends. We write each other for many years and send things each other. I even wrote to different people in other countries – it's amazing feeling when you get a letter from other world. I think I can try to write you something too, if you mind to accept letters from unknown followers.

  • I am so excited to hear that it is National Letter Writing Month! Isn't today caramel day, or something like that? I was also so happy to hear that the price of stamps went down. I mean, who doesn't love getting fun mail? Did that skull washi tape come from the Target dollar section? It's to die for. (haha)

    • I think it was national pet day too! Oh who knows! šŸ˜›

      No, it came from a penpal but I feel like Target might carry it just not in their dollar section.

  • It is also Stress Awareness Month in this month!

    I actually miss writing letters to people. I need to find a pen pal and write to them because there really is nothing better than receiving a hand written letter by somebody. It feels more personal, you know?

  • I love the washi tape envelopes! I should start doing that with mine; otherwise my washi tape just sits on my desk looking all pretty but not being functional. I really need to get back into sending mail…. getting mail just makes me so happy!

    • Yeah, I'm a washi tape hoarder… Its like it's so cute I dont want to use it all up but then if I'm not actually using whats the point in even having it!?