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Over the weekend Klaus had a health scare. I would gladly tell you more except it’s pretty gross. Definitely tested how strong my stomach is. While waiting for the vet to open on Saturday morning I googled his symptoms which I, of course, know better than to do. The results were terrifying. All signs pointed to HGE and there were people saying how their dog passed over night. I was a wreck. I went from “Oh, this poor baby needs to go to the vet” to “Oh my god, my best buddy is gonna die!”

The vet visit went really really well. Our vet is an absolute angel. She immediately knelt down to greet him, praised him repeatedly for how handsome he is, and was just so very kind to both of us. I’ve visited my fair share of vets and none have ever been so loving with my pets. I seriously can’t say enough good things about this woman. She made the whole thing so much less scary. Anyway, he got some shots, a liter of fluid put under his skin and some antibiotics for the week.

Things immediately improved after that vet visit (With him. My bank account on the other hand… ouch!) I still worry about him though. He’s acting normally, not that he ever wasn’t actually, but he just looks so skinny. Nothing a day at grandma’s over the weekend won’t be able to fix, I’m sure. I’m not really positive what caused his sickness but it just came on so fast. It got me thinking about how much I love this big goof and how I just can’t imagine life without him. International Pet Day was earlier this week so that combined with the fact he was sick this week means I can totally get away with sharing a bunch of photos of my favorite pupper and telling you all about how much I love him, right? RIGHT.

He’s one of the best things to ever happen to me. There isn’t a day that goes by that Klaus doesn’t make me smile at least fifty billion times. His love of all things squeaky drives me absolutely nuts sometimes but it really is adorable how much he enjoys the noise. Plus I must enjoy it at least a little bit since I literally only buy him toys that squeak. The way he hops up beside me when I sit down and nuzzles his head under my arm so I’m hugging him makes my heart melt. I don’t even mind the fact that he’s always more excited to see Jeff than he is to see me because it makes me happy to see them having so much fun together. (Plus I know Klaus loves me more than anyone else no matter what! Hehe!) I love that he always wants to cuddle and that his favorite place in the world is curled up between Jeff and I. I love how he always wants his front legs held up so he can see the world from a different perspective and that that means we can slow dance. I appreciate the fact that it looks like he likes when I sing to him and I don’t think I’ll ever not crack up watching this dog jump. Puppy’s got hops!

Klaus is obsessed with his squeaky balls, if you couldn’t tell. He almost
always sleeps with one. He’s probably also laying on one in the photo above because that is something he inexplicably does. It’s like he’s
trying to hatch them.

Last month I posted about how excited I was to see Klaus and Professor in bed together (See the cute photos here!) Since then it’s become a regular occurrence. Things were the same for so long, with no signs of a budding friendship, but now it seems like these two are on the fast track to being BFFS. My twitter account has basically turned into a place where I just post photos of Klaus and Professor but when they’re both cuddling on me, or both mean mugging can you blame me?!

Klaus, I love you oh so much! Please refrain from ever scaring me like that again.

PS. Give your pets some extra loving today from me and mine! Klaus sends some squeaks.

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  • Aww I was wondering when we'd get a Klaus post, sorry it was for such a scary reason! A few years ago, our youngest cat came down with some weird illness overnight. By the time we got him to the vet his fever was so high that his hair was falling out D: It was so scary! Glad your baby is on the mend!

  • I'm so glad that your baby's okay! And I'm also glad that you have a vet that's so sweet to him. I'm extremely lucky that the first vet I went to was like that. I have a Jack Russell mix with HUGE ears, and the staff all recognize him because he's all ears. One of the vet techs even recognized him from across the parking lot on his last visit and shouted, "I know those ears! Hi Finnegan!" It melts my heart ;-;

  • Oh, Klaus!

    I am so happy he is okay. It would have been terrifying to be in this position of not knowing what was going to happen to him. I can totally relate though. I only had my little Darcy girl for a month or two when one day she was running around my parents house and then kept on collapsing. Every time she stood up, she would tilt back to the side and I honestly thought she was having a stroke.

    I cried my eyes out all the way to the vets. Thankfully she was okay in the end and I am so happy Klaus is too. πŸ™‚


  • I am so glad things worked out for you. Was it a stomach issue?

    We got our previous dog from the humane society when she was a puppy. We had her 6 years then one day I came and ran around the house trying to find her. I then found her laying by our garage door (which was very unusual). I tried to get her to come to my parents room and she slowly got up but as she was walking her back legs kept giving out. Over the next week she got slightly better but she couldn't walk long without her back legs falling. Finally, my mom took her to the vet and had an ultrasound done. They found there was too much fluid in her body to do it. It was going to cost thousands of dollars just to see what was wrong with her, and that wasn't even the treatment. My parents decided to put her to sleep because they didn't have the money for all those procedures.

    I understand their decision. We were all a mess for the next month or so. We are trying to convince them to get another dog but I think they are afraid to replace her/don't want to have to go through dealing with the death of a pet again. The doctors at the emergency animal clinic were so great though. A few days later they sent us a sympathy card with her paw print on it. I'm actually tearing up as I write this. Actually, in a few days it'll be three years. It's hard, but at least if it ever happened you have all your pictures and blog posts to remember him by! πŸ™‚

    • Yep, stomach issue! SO GROSS.

      Aw, that is so sad. I totally understand, that was actually one of the reasons I was so upset about going to the vet under these circumstances. I was terrified they'd be like "okay, well it's gonna cost this much to figure out what's wrong and then this much to possibly fix it." That's such an awful position to be in.

      I'm so sorry for your loss. <333

  • Training to be a vet nurse has made me go from getting queasy when seeing pus to being like "hells yeah, get that gunk out of there!", and now I say "oh wow thank you so much for this beautiful mess you've left in your cage" to our patients instead of feeling ill haha.

    I hope he's OK, poor little dude

  • I totally get this. I love my buster so much that at times I get scared of what will happen to him. Especially as he loves picking up vile things and eating them. There has been more than one occasion of me running after him, vomiting, trying to get him to drop stuff. UGH. I really wish he wouldn't do that. The dead squirrel had me in tears