what we wore : two years


my details
dress – Marshalls
 belt – Modcloth
jeff’s details 
sweater – H&M
jeans – Levi’s
boots – c/o Palladium Boots
Jeff and I are celebrating two years together today!!! Woooo! Well… by ‘celebrating’ I mean he’s at work and I’m at home panicking because I waited until the last minute to figure out what to get him for our anniversary. Presents aren’t important and I already said “I didn’t get you anything.” but this morning I woke up I realized there was no way I could not give him something. Sooo that’s where I’m at today.
Last year when we took anniversary outfit photos together (see them here!) I said that we’d have to make it a point to get them every year right around this time. We spent yesterday out at my parents visiting, eating, playing around, and taking some really really painfully cute photos together. I couldn’t wait to get home and edit them all. On the way home I got a full blown migraine and instead of editing photos I spent my evening squirming around in bed in pain. Whomp whomp whomp. I quickly edited this morning and while I would have loved to spend more time on them I am pretty stoked about how they turned out. We got a ton of really adorable photos, way too many for one post!


Jeff really wanted to throw leaves but I kept making fun of him because he wouldn’t bring his arms down fast enough after throwing them so it looked like he was shooting a hip hop album cover.


Here’s the part where I get all mushy and make a super messy list of reasons why my dude is the best. Jeff is literally the nicest person I have ever met. He’s so kind and thoughtful. I love that he’s down for spur of the moment adventures and that he’s always willing to make a detour so I can get a silly photo of random roadside attractions. He understands my passions and makes sure I cultivate them. He encourages me to be the best version of me I can possibly be. He makes the best darn spaghetti I have ever tasted and pretends to like the food I cook too. I love his family, and he loves mine which are two very important parts of a relationship to me. He even babysat my nieces one day while I wasn’t available. They LOVE him…like more than they love me. And gosh darn it, he smells so amazing. Sometimes I just feel like this. I can’t wait to bury my face in his chest tonight and watch some Bob’s Burgers while Klaus and the cats find cozy little nooks to curl up in between us. These have legitimately been the best two years of my life. I’m looking forward to many more.

Hope y’all are having a lovely Monday!



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