Friday Favorites #364

I feel like this cinema box LED light would be super cute in a bedroom… or anywhere because it’s really really awesome.
This dress + these shoes? ADORABLE. Then paired with a grey cardigan? YES! (Also, you’re welcome because I just picked you out the cutest outfit.)
(via: Modcloth)
PIZZA! Also, check out that cute little smiley face the pizza has!
The print on this tank is too good!
This candle sounds like it’s absolutely amazing. Ethics Supply Co. has a handful of other candles with equally as powerful sounding names. I’d love to smell them all. This is definitely one of those times I wish the internet was scratch and sniff.
These sugar cookies are just insane. They’re so beautifully decorated.
This bedding is super cute.
(via: Urban Outfitters)
I mentioned it recently but my beloved rainboots finally got a leak a week or so ago and I’m kind of lost without them. I guess I didn’t realize just how often I used them. I’m swooning over this pair. Joules seriously has the coolest boots.
(via: Joules)
(via: bunnymiele)

Link Love…
Rad Girls Club!
▴ Do you ever find things, especially stationery things, that you definitely don’t need but it’s just so cool that you “neeeeed” it? Yeah, tracing paper sticky notes. No idea what I need to be tracing but it’s just really cool, okay?!
Pink medical display cabinet? YES.
▴ In my collection of oddities, prosthetic eyes are the one things I have always wanted but never gotten my greedy little fingers on. This collection is seriously dreamy. Yep, just called a bunch of glass fake eyes “dreamy”. 
Cute little cactus shaped planter!

Happy Friday!!

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