Friday Favorites #365

Love love love this sweatshirt! Such a good color too, it’d look awesome with my green hair.
This return address stamp? Too good!
 (via: Native Bear)
Absolutely, positively obsessed with this antique lens kit. I need it. It would be a perfect fit with the rest of the weird stuff around here.
Tub truffles! Are these not the absolute cutest!? Love how they’re packaged.
 (via: Cee Cee & Bee)
I like this cat lady lapel pin for obvious reasons but I really really enjoy the display card it’s on too!
(via: Frolik)
 (via: Pelemele)
This solar system poster is so awesome!
Not too mature to admit the poop joke on this card made me laugh…really hard.
This hanging garden is so darn cute. It would be perfect hanging in a window so all your plant babies get the light they need.
Gah! This kitty collar is too cute for words. Professor would look so darn handsome in it.
These have to be the coolest balloons I have ever seen. They come in variety of colors and are sold individually so you can buy as many or as few as you’d like!

Link love…
▴  Mushroom washi tape!
▴ I’m swooning over these vintage lockers!
▴ This vintage respiratory system stamp is way too cool. Wishing I had a need for it… although it would look pretty darn awesome with the rest of my weird stuff.
Cactus mug.
▴ Modcloth has some really amazing wallets right now. I couldn’t choose which to feature so I’m just going to share my top three favorites. Flowers! Cats in clothes!! Succulents!!!
Donut cat patch, combining two of my favorite things!

Happy Friday!!

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