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Mother’s Day is this weekend which means that it’s getting really close to the time where I can put my plants outside. Those two things are tied together because all the ladies in my family get each other plants of some sort for the holiday and those plants can usually stay outside without fear of frost starting around this time of the year. The warming weather has me super stoked about all of my plants. Last year I put all that I had growing, including things I had previously only considered growing inside, outside on my deck for the first time. Some I put out there in hopes of killing, some did die but the majority flourished. It was incredibly encouraging and did nothing more than make me want a million plants, which in part came true due to propagation. I feel like last year was a very formative year for the gardener in me.

succulent cuttings

Then I had to bring everything inside for the winter. A lot of my plants continued to happily grow after a slight adjustment period, like my pencil cactus which I think has actually grown since that photo. Some of my succulents didn’t take it well though. They were starved for sunlight and became very leggy. I did my best for a while but eventually gave up and planned on dealing with it when spring came around again.

Well, spring is here and in a few more weeks I’ll be able to put my babies outside without worrying about the cold weather wiping them out! Wooo! Finally! I have a little table set up in my office in front of the window that
holds a handful of different containers that I’m starting some plants
in.  I’ve been pruning back all my leggy plants, and getting all of the leaves ready to propagate. I guess I should feel a little bit of regret about letting them get that way but really it just means I’ll be able to have more plants this year. I couldn’t be more excited, especially considering the plants that grow from these leaves will be essentially be my grandbabies since the mother plant was something I started from a leaf as well.

I’m also propagating house plants for the first time ever this year. I
gave Jeff a moon valley plant, seen below, last year. It grew a ton! It no longer fit in his window sill so I did a
little bit of research about how to trim it back and found that they’re
super easy to grow from cuttings. I brought home everything I trimmed
off, and planted it in four separate pots. So far, so good! I’ve even got roots already! I’m looking forward to learning more about propagating things other than succulents now. …I’m probably also going to have to open up my own greenhouse because I am going to have a lot of plants if all goes as planned.

Anyway, that’s what I’m growing right now. I look forward to everything sprouting, and of course, documenting it. I enjoy being able to look back at posts like this and see where it all started. Summer 2016, I’m gonna garden the heck out of you!

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  • You're such a plant inspiration! I've always admired plants from afar because I feel like I have such a black thumb, but you give me hope that one day I might not kill everything I touch πŸ™‚

    • Haha! No such thing as a black thumb. I honestly think that most of the time people are bad with plants is because they don't give enough light. Seriously – plants are so easy. Sunshine and water whenever they look thirsty and they're good to go!

  • How awesome. We tried to grow some succulents but… it was just not a good scene. So I'm really impressed! Do you grow herbs or veggies? We grow tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets and they go crazy! (Easy to manage, too.) My mom got some herbs to grow in the window and now we don't know what to do with them all.

    Also having your own greenhouse seems like a dream. A super freakin cool dream.

    • I've got some herbs growing this year, and I've grown peppers in the past. Oh, and then one year I grew some corn – that was awesome! Nothing better than eating something you grew yourself. Such a satisfying feeling.

  • That moon valley plant looks so dreamy! I've only recently started caring for plants in the last year and love it so far! I just got this new thyme basil plant that smells like heaven and is more challenging to care for. How difficult is it to care for a moon valley plant? The look of it is just SO COOL.

    • DUDE, basil smells SO GOOD.

      Moon valley plants are so easy! Definitely pick on up if you ever see one at the store. There's ton of information online about caring for them so if you ever have a question about them it's easy to find what you're looking for.