2016 midyear goal update

We’re just over half way through 2016, which is completely insane. I swear, each year flies by faster than the last. At the beginning of each year I make a bunch of goals that I share here on the blog. Find the original post of 2016’s goals here. I find that talking about these goals holds me accountable for them, encourages me to accomplish them, and sometimes inspires other to make goals as well so it’s a win/win for everyone! 

Six months in the perfect time to sit down and evaluate how you’re doing on the goals you set. There’s still enough time to set new goals before the year ends, tweak ones that maybe aren’t so relevant anymore, and plot out how to accomplish the others. So, here’s how I’m doing…

A few of my personal goals.

Use passport. Haven’t used it yet this year but I still have time. I, of course, want to go visit my best friend and her beautiful newborn! Don’t know when I’ll make it happen but I will use my passport this year.

Travel by train. I take the train downtown whenever I don’t feel like walking and last week, I rode the Cuyahoga Valley scenic railroad. Is that what I meant by this goal? Nope. Actually traveling by train might need to be put off until next year depending on just how busy the summer is but we’ll see. It’s definitely still something I’m interested in!

Use my body – run, bike, stretch! YES. Thanks to Fitbit, I give this goal an A+. I honestly feel healthier than I ever have.

Unplug more. Yes… and no. I think this is something that will always be a bit of a struggle for me considering the fact that being connected is essentially my job. I have been more aware though and not feeling so guilty about just stepping away from the computer and my phone. There has to be a balance. I’m gonna find it!

25 mile solo bike ride. Haven’t done it yet, still in the plans though!

Be brave, be alone. Yes! This goal was about not letting street harassment, anxiety, and a whole mix of other ugly things make me not want to spend time alone in the city. While I’ve had a few not so awesome encounters I haven’t let them stop me.

Explore Ohio. Yeah, I feel pretty good about this goal so far. I’ve taken a handful of drives just to check out some fun new (to me) things this state has to offer. I also think that walking around more has really helped me to appreciate everything. It’s pretty wild how much more you see by foot. Since I’ve started walking downtown once a week or so I’ve found so many neat little things that give me serious heart eyes for Cleveland.

Make 8 GIFs. Three so far this year. You can use the “gifs” tag to find them!

2 new fabric collections. I have yet to sit down and really plan this one. I’m not confident that it’s a priority at this time though. I think changing this goal to “One new product” would be better suited for what I have in mind.

At least one big purge. Not yet but I do have a stack of clothes ready for a closet sale so that’s a start!

Take really stinkin’ good care of my new car. Maybe not “really stinkin’ good” but I’ve been taking care of her with regular oil changes and I never leave trash in my car anymore. She could definitely use a bath and a good vacuuming though!

Save money. YES. I’ve been doing pretty good on this goal. I’m trying very hard to limit my purchases and put the rest away for traveling. I also recently signed up for Digit after a friend recommended it and I’m obsessed! You connect Digit to your bank account, it checks your spending habits and if you can afford it, takes a little bit out of your account to save. It’s an effortless way to save. It’s safe, it’s free, and it’s easy. I haven’t been using it all that long but if things keep going the way they are now I will most likely be updating you in a few months with a review!

Send 150 pieces of mail. Smashed this goal within two
months or so of the new year. I’m definitely a little bit (okay, a lot) behind on
responding to stuff right now since it’s been so nice outside but I’m
really happy with how this goal has been going so far! I’ll pick back up when it cools off.

Cook a real meal at least once a week. I am doooooing it! I mean I’m sure there’s been a week or two here and there that I’ve missed but for the most part I am doing so much more cooking. I absolutely love it. I really am happiest when I have a clean house and something on the stove. I’m definitely still learning but feeling more and more confident with the finished product after every meal. As always, I’d love to hear about your favorite recipes! Things you cook a few times a month that are fairly simple but super tasty?

No dishes in the sink at the end of the night. Have I done this every single night? Nope. It’s just not a priority when Jeff is over… but those dishes usually get washed while my coffee brews in the morning so I’m still going to call this goal a success so far. Like I said above, I really am happiest when my house is clean.

A few of my business goals.

Schedule a week ahead, always. Ha! Hah! Haaaah! Nooope. I used to be so good at this… but that was like three years ago. A lot has changed since then, including the types of things I blog about. I also think that scheduling a week ahead of time messed me up because I would work really hard to get a week’s worth of work done, then feel overly accomplished and not work very hard the following days which meant the next week I would be scrambling.

Revising this goal to simply be “stop waiting until the last minute to realize you don’t have something queued, ya jerk” is probably a better idea.

Don’t stress over emails. I wouldn’t say that I don’t stress over email anymore, and I’m definitely guilty of letting some sit in my inbox way too long before responding but in general, I feel like I’ve improved. The biggest help has been to stop checking my email a million times a day. I try to check it around three times a day and knock out emails as soon as I see them instead of reading and forgetting which was inevitable when I checked my email constantly.

Business cards. Haven’t even thought of it… Whoops!

Eliminate distractions + set a more rigid schedule. This is still something I struggle with. There are times when no matter how hard I try to sit at my computer and type something my brain just isn’t cooperating. I find myself staring at plants or baby talking Klaus. I have found that I work REALLY well at coffee shops so maybe having a scheduled day or two a week at a coffee shop is exactly what I need to do to be super productive.

Be more social. I’m trying! Everyday I try to reach a set number of comments to leave depending on how much time I have. It’s so easy to just double tap a photo on instagram but comments really do mean so much more. Working hard in 2016 to spread the love!

More outfit photos. Started off slowly on this goal but I’m pleased with how many I’ve shot these last few weeks. Just have to keep up that pace! Check them out here.

2016’s goals seem to be going pretty well so far, right? I’m feeling good about it. It’s been an awesome year so far. Here’s to making the second half of it even better!

How are you doing on your goals?



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