Friday Favorites #368

Lil baby cactus pinata!
If I was rich I would probably own way more washi tape than one person could EVER use. I just love all the different patterns there are. This flamingo tape isn’t even my style but it sure is cute!
I am swooning over this dress. It’s so bright, and ridiculous. You guys know I’m a total sucker for the desert and there is nothing better than a desert sunset.
(via: Modcloth)
Love this collection of watercolor paintings. GollyBard has such a lovely style!
(via: GollyBard)
(via: Krambeutel)
These shirts!! Friendly Oak actually has a TON of shirts I would gladly rock!
This metal cabinet would be so nice for snail mail odds and ends. Stamps, stickers, washi tape, and all the other things that make a mess of my desk.
(via: Bella Lulu)
Mini cactus string lights! Perfect to drape on your cactus for a “yo dawg, I heard you liked cactus…” moment. That might be one of my favorite memes ever, you can read more here if you don’t get it.
I already own a polaroid camera but there’s no denying the charm of this baby pink one!
This pineapple planter is seriously perfect with that plant inside! What a precious idea.

Link love…
Tooth print bra!! Also, dino undies!
▴ I have something to admit, I own a fanny pack and I LOVE it. It’s so comfortable, and it’s perfect to hold my essentials when I ride my bike. This one isn’t the same one I own but it is by the same company and it looks awesome. Kind of thinking it might be crazy to own more than one though…
▴ Isn’t this floral rain jacket super cute?!
Cactus drinking glasses! YES!
▴ LOVE this bright yellow bra. There are also matching panties. Maybe yellow isn’t your jam, so check out thiiiis sexy bra! Basically Toru & Naoko’s shop has the best stuff.
▴ Did you guys see this cactus dress yet?! Uh, yeah, I’m gonna need that!

Happy Friday!!

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