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sunglasses – TJ Maxx
dress – Dear Creatures (via Modcloth)
cardigan – Modcloth
belt – Modcloth
lipstick – Colourpop Bumble

A lady walking her dog watched me take these photos… and that’s
just about the most interesting thing I have to tell you about this
outfit. I swear, sometimes figuring out what to write in posts is stupid
hard. You start to overthink it, and then it just becomes impossible.
I’ve been putting off writing this post since the day I took the photos.
Now it’s crunch time, the night before I want to post, and I’ve been
sitting here watching a movie with my laptop open. “Working”, ya know? I
finally gave into Netflix’s suggestion and watched The Fundamentals of Caring which proved to be a very good distraction from the keyboard that was calling my name.

Hope you’re having a lovely Thursday! Maybe go watch that movie so we can pretend this post was about recommending you something to watch..?

PS. Check out the last two times this dress was featured on The Dainty Squid here + here!

Author: Kaylah

Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • The Fundamentals of Caring was such a nice movie, I watched it yesterday. 🙂 I have not done an outfit post in over a year. Perhaps I'm overly worried about ladies walking their dogs watching me…eep!

    • Haha! Well, that's a fair reason I suppose. I was in the zone then suddenly realized there was someone nearby. I'm curious how long she had been there without me even noticing.

  • My new goal is to find what fits me as well as that style of dress fits you! 🙂 Have you written a post about what it's like taking outfit photos in public? That would be interesting. I've only just begun my outfit post journey so I expect it will take me a while before I do what you do. I'm good alone in my backyard but when I've asked my fiance to snap some shots of me out and about, I'm constantly like, "someone's coming! Put the camera down!" haha!

    • Fit + flare dresses are where it's at! They're basically the only thing I buy anymore. So flattering! 🙂

      No, I haven't but that would definitely be interesting. I'll jot that down in my post idea notebook.

  • You've been looking so confident and happy lately ^^ You're beautiful, I love how your style evolved, it's still quite ladylike and cute but with an urban edge 😀 And those pins omg

  • I have exactly the same troubles when I'm writing blog posts. I post recipes, and sometimes I just want to write "this cake is freaking great, just make it okay?" So I feel your pain. But these outfit is really cute and as I'm sitting here I think I'm currently wearing the same cardigan!

    xo, Diana