what I wore : faux grain + real smiles

sunglasses – Mariela c/o Moorea Seal
pins – c/o Moorea Seal
shoes –  Modcloth

I remember one time when my best friend was coming down to visit from Canada, she sent me an email the day prior that read something like “just wanted to warn you, I have a huge zit!” I was like “…okay?” She explained that she just wanted to let me know that she knew so that I wouldn’t judge her on it. (Clearly my BFF thinks I’m a jerk because I wouldn’t judge anyone on zits, especially her! This was shortly after we met though…) Anyway after that I realized I did a lot of that too. Calling out things unnecessarily just as a way to say “hey, if you think it I already said I know!” I’m explaining that as a way to casually lead into me telling you that these photos aren’t my best.

I don’t like to call myself a photographer although for someone who is constantly taking photos that seems a little silly. Photography is my number one hobby and I’m constantly learning. I look back at a lot of my old photos and I can see where I’ve improved. As much as I find my older work slightly embarrassing, I do enjoy seeing it because I firmly believe if you’re not improving then you’re doing something wrong. Whether I know it or not I’m always gathering little pieces of information to make my photos better.

Recently I’ve started to become really picky about the lighting I shoot in. I’m blaming it on Jeff. …Well, him, and the fact that I’m seeing what a huge difference it makes. That should have been obvious from the start of my journey with photography. I mean, I’ve always preferred nice natural light but I’m starting to be very particular. So when I tried to replicate the success of the last outfit post I shot against my dad’s garage (these photos – seriously some of my favorites everrrr!) I was SO bummed when I came home to edit. The two sets were shot at different times of the day, there are different colors in both outfits, and this of course meant they photographed differently.

I do very minimal editing on my photos. I brighten them a little when needed and fiddle with a few other little things – that’s about it. Over the last few years I’ve really started to find my editing style so when a photo doesn’t edit beautifully using my quick little boom bam and needs something else I tend to get frustrated. The photos I’m sharing today did not fit with my quick editing process. When I tried my regular bag o’ tricks, the photos looked awful. I wanted to just trash them but I loved the outfit and my big cheesy smile. So I tossed some grain on them, and wouldn’t you know it I really like how they look. I feel like it’s obvious they’re not my style though. I try hard to avoid grain and here I am adding it in the editing process to save some photos.

Am I totally overthinking all of this? Yep. Are you reading this and thinking “Um, Kaylah, these look totally normal…?” Probably. But I’m leaving this all anyway because I suppose it’s part of the learning process, next time I will pay better attention to lighting instead of assuming that a great end result last time will equal the same result another day. Plus I wanted to call myself out on these photos before anyone thought they were less fabulous than what I normally share. Hehe!

Check out how I style this skirt last time I shared photos on the blog. Spoiler alert – it’s incredibly similar!

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  • I see where you're coming from! Every time I write a post about a painting I've done, I write all about how I plan to improve on certain things. On one hand I worry that it's pointing out flaws and possibly making excuses for not being my best. On the other hand, I would love to hear about the struggles my favorite artists have therefore, I should put it out there in case other people relate to it. Anyway, It's great when someone as talented as yourself writes about not being perfect. (No one's perfect but you know what I mean!) haha!

    Also, I love your outfits posts!

    • Yes, thank you so much for this comment! I actually had a comment that was like "these were some of my favorite photos of yours then you were all self loathing and I didn't like them anymore." I didn't mean for the post to come off as "self loathing" (and I don't think it did?) I'm simply stating that sometimes I struggle with my photography which I feel makes me a lot more relatable than saying "I nail the shot EVERY TIME!"

      Thank you Lauren! 🙂