DIY Shower Melts

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Nature's Truth Essential Oils

You guys know I’m not too too crazy about the summer heat. I try to embrace it but I never fully can. One of my qualms about the heat is that I can’t take my bubble baths. Baths are a huge part of my life in the cooler season. At least twice a week you can find me reading, brainstorming or eating dinner in the bath tub. No shame in my tub game. In the summer it’s just not possible, I would roast. I do take a lot of showers though! Most hot days I have to take one before bed to even be able to sleep (Life without air conditioning! Woo!) I also enjoy my post bike ride cold showers.

Earlier in the year I reviewed some bath products and in the comments someone mentioned a shower bomb. I had never ever heard of or even thought about that being a thing. Something to make showers more relaxing? YES, PLEASE! Because I never shower for as long as I bathe I couldn’t bring myself to spend any money on something that would be washing down the drain almost immediately. Then it hit me – why not make some!? These babies are simple to make, they’re cheap, easily customized, and of course, make those cold showers that are necessary in the summer even more relaxing!

Supplies needed; 
Baking Soda
Citric Acid (found in the canning section of the grocery store!)
Nature’s Truth Essential Oils
Silicone Mold (frozen smiles mold from Target)

1.  Whisk together one (1) cup baking soda with a third (1/3) of a cup citric acid.
2. Add a very small amount of water and mix that in. I found it helpful to use a spray bottle and stir after every spritz to avoid accidentally using too much water. You want it to be damp, and pack-able but not soaked.
3. Add in your essential oils! How much you use depends on how potent you’d like your bombs to be. I used around 20 drops but feel free to use more or less!
4. Pack it your mold. It doesn’t have to be a silicone mold (but that’s what I had on hand and c’mon, denture shower bombs?! YES!) You can use a cupcake liner, or even make them into little balls of your own.
5. Set aside to dry. Dry time will depend on how wet the mixture is as well as how humid your home is. I put mine on the deck on the sunny day and within less than two hours they were good to go!
6. Place at your feet, and enjoy! Water hitting these directly will dissolve them almost immediately so try to keep them in a corner where the water only splashes on them. Be sure to store the other in an air tight container for future use!

As you can see there is tons of room for modification in this “recipe”. The amounts listed above made one full tray of the silicone denture molds, as well as four standard sized cupcake liners (filled about half full.) Unlike a bath bomb, the benefit of these is just the smell which is why I didn’t use any artificial colors or add anything else fancy.
I ended up making two batches and chose to use Nature’s Truth Essential Oils in Happiness and Energy. Happiness is sweet and fruity, while Energy is more earthy and citrusy. I purchased these from Check the vitamin aisle if you want to shop in person at Walgreens or CVS! I also totally convinced my mom to purchase some as well by telling her all the ways I love to use essential oils. My favorite of which is to put a few drops in the foam filter of my vacuum. Instead of smelling like dog every time I turn it on it smells like lemon. Even if you don’t make these shower bombs, you need to do the vacuum thing. Seriously, life changing!
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Will you be making some shower bombs? They’re so simple to make, yet so perfectly satisfying!


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