Friday Favorites #371

 (via: FEAT sock co.)
Disposable cameras just got ten times cooler with kitties on every frame.
 (via:  Urban Outfitters)
Donut earbuds (!!!) because there is no reason your headphones shouldn’t be cute too!
 (via:  Urban Outfitters)
Love this cactus dress! There is also a “playsuit(which is way cuter than it sounds) with the same print.
 (via: JOY the store)
Skull shaped candles are cool on their own but this photo really takes it over the top for me. Such gorgeous colors.
You guys have seen the Nintendo/Vans collaboration by now, right!? The second I heard I went searching but much to my disappointment the one game I had my fingers crossed for, Legend Of Zelda, had the least attractive design of the bunch. But these Peach ones?! SO CUTE.
(via: Vans)
Is the best bedding ever, or is it the best bedding ever?!
 (via: Modcloth)
 (via: Lucky Horse Press)
This isn’t here for aesthetic reasons, although that color is very pretty, but because it’s such a great idea! This phone case has a little ring on it that can either be used as a tripod or worn on your finger. I know, I thought the same thing, why would I wear this on my finger?! But then I remembered all the times when holding my phone that I got a case of the butter fingers. It’d be super useful in a crowd too so that your phone doesn’t accidentally get knocked out of your hand.
 (via: Amazon)
A little cactus to hold your rings for you!

Link love…
▴  This dress + these shoes = perfect cozy outfit.
▴ I know I don’t talk about it too much anymore but I am still obsessed with all things banana flavored. I mean, how could I not be!? How precious is this tiny banana shaped (and scented) lip balm?!
▴  I’ve been drooling over this cactus vase for way too long.
▴ A multi-use kitchen tool that I do not need but absolutely want because it’s SO cute.
▴ I’m probably going to have to go ahead and get myself these shoes.

Happy Friday!!

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