Friday Favorites #372

I really have no use for an alarm clock seeing how just about every electronic I own has an alarm clock on it but isn’t this one beautiful?!
 (via: Modcloth)
Crushing on this phone case hard!
 (via: Papio Press)
 (via: These Things)
A whale bath stopper! I love that the internet makes it possible to make even the simplest household items cute.
 (via: SkipHop)
Novelty socks will always have a special place in my heart.
 (via: Modcloth)
Back to my previous point about regular household things made cute – now you can have piggy shaped pancakes! Also, it’s under 10 bucks!!
 (via: Norpro)
Such cute patches!
 (via: Modcloth)
Okay, how awesome is this sweatshirt!? There are more colors too if pink isn’t your jam!
(via: ANGVNS)
 This cat bed is really cute, and looks super cozy but it’s the picture that killed me. I love that cat’s face. Such a grumpy looking snuggle bug.
(via: Storow)
LOVE these hanging container thingamajigs. Obviously my first thought is how great plants would look inside but they’d also be perfect for storing small office supplies above your desk!
(via: Umbra)

Link love… 
Coffee flavored gum! I can’t decide if I think that would be the best thing ever, or the worst. Anyway, there are a bunch of other great flavors too – licorice, cinnamon, maple, and or course, mint. I’m a gum nut, in case you didn’t know. I cannot resist trying every flavor I come across!
▴ Yes, please, to this dress! Not all that sure it’d look great with my current hair color but it just looks like one of those dresses where you feel effortlessly beautiful.
▴ These beetle lapel pins are SO awesome!
▴ Love this horse cardigan! Such a great color.
▴ I feel like I’ve already linked to this shirt in the past but it’s just sooo good!

Happy Friday!!

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