Friday Favorites #374

 This taco clutch is ridiculous in the best way!
 (via: Modcloth)
Maybe a camera shaped bag is more your style?
 (via: Modcloth)
I know I’m probably one of a very very few that this appeals to but seriously, vintage prosthetic eyes are so cool! I’d really love one for my collection of oddities. I love that it even comes in it’s own cute little tin.
Such a beautiful card.
 (via: Little Lark)
I’ve always thought that those scratch off maps were really interesting (even though I’d currently only be able to scratch off portions of the US) but they always came in ugly colors. I LOVE this one!
Love love love this pin!
 (via: Moorea Seal)
This hand is listed as an ashtray but it’d make an awesome little planter!
A see through dress is definitely out of my comfort zone but I can’t help but think how incredible this would look with a striped bodysuit under it!
I donut know how I’ll survive without this phone case any longer! Glitter and donuts!!!
(via: ASOS)
Well, these are adorable!
Is it too early in the year to be excited about a new calendar? Because this one is tops!
 (via: Anthropologie)
I recently picked up a new planner (which I use to plot out my content) and I LOVE this thing so much I had to share! It’s just such a nice, quality notebook! They currently have them at Target!
 (via: Day Designer)

Link love…
▴ A cactus neon light!
▴ LOVE this spider web cardigan!
▴ Perfect summer dress. (It’s striped, obviously!)
▴ A double scoop of kitten ice cream!
▴ Speaking of cats and ice cream, here’s an ice cream truck for your cat!!
▴ Let me guess, you’ve been looking for the perfect pizza costume for your cat? Well, I’ve got ya covered.

Happy Friday!!

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  • You're not alone in your love of glass eyes 🙂 But that tin is really next level! Also, I just bought that ice cream truck for Mozart – here's hoping she likes it as much as I do haha

  • I bought one of those planners! I bought the mint colored one with gold polka dots on it though. That prosthetic eye gives me the creeps! I don;t know if I could handle that…it is super interesting though. My dad has prosthetic legs all around because my grandpa doesn't have legs and he gives my dad the ones that do not fit him or are too old. My dad is in a punk band so he uses them as stage props.