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If you’ve been around these parts for any amount of time, you probably know that I’m a collector. You might even say I collect collections. It’s in my DNA, I swear! Although his aren’t as precise as mine and organized, my dad definitely has a few collections. My nephew too! Basically, when I like something I just want lots and lots of that thing. As much as I’d love to be a minimalist, I enjoy my possessions too much. They’re a huge part of what makes home feel like home to me.

A few years ago I had a little series here on The Dainty Squid where I shared photos of my collections. Since the start of that series many things have changed. Uh, well it’s been five whole years. My life is completely different. Some of those collections came with me, like the teeth, but others I’ve outgrown, like the cuckoo clocks. When I look back through my old posts I see peeks at my old life, and it’s super fun to see how even though things are completely different some things never change. I’d like to start the series over now, share new photos of what my collections are like, and just document what it’s like in my home at this time of my life. Isn’t that really what this blog is all about? To start with I have some photos of my globe collection for you!

globe collection

My globes have all come from estate sales, garage sales, and auctions. A few have been received as a gift as well. I’m very thrifty when it comes to my collections, and this one is no exception. Much to my disappointment, in the last few years the price of globes has sky rocketed. I guess that’s what happens when things become super popular. When I first started collecting it was easy to find them for five bucks or less but anymore, especially online, you’re going to be paying A LOT more which is a huge bummer.

I’ve been collecting globes for probably around five years now. Just like anything else, there is an ebb and flow to my obsession. Sometimes I’m actively hunting every chance I get, but most of the time I just let them come to me. I’ve actually slowed down a lot recently due to space issues. Twenty one seems to be enough for now. It’s also at the point where I don’t see any point in spending great sums of money for something I already have more than a few of. Not to say that if I happened to find the *perfect* one there wouldn’t be space for it but until I see the next one I just can’t live without, I don’t need anymore.

Actually, I take that back. I’m slowing down on globes of the planet Earth. Did you even know they made globes of other things?! The moon! Mars! They’re generally A LOT more expensive though. I’ve managed to get my paws on three moon globes in the last few years, seen above, but Mars globes continue to elude me. They’re fairly abundant online but the prices keep me away. Maybe someday I’ll find a lucky Mars globe in an auction box for dirt cheap. Fingers crossed!

globe collection

Below is a size comparison between my largest and smallest globes. The tiny one is actually a pencil sharper that was a gift from a penpal. The largest I picked up at a garage sale a few years ago. The person selling it requested I take really good care of it because she had a lot of fond memories of playing with it as a child. I paid a whopping three dollars for it. Score of the century if you ask me! It’s lived in three houses with me but in each has yet to find the perfect place to be displayed simply because it’s so large.

Do you collect globes? If you didn’t already, I’m sorry if you start because of me! When I started this post I was trying to think of when I started what my motivation was since it seemed like an important part of the story but I was drawing a complete blank. I figured it was just one of those things that kind of happened, like I bought one, then another, and then it just became a thing. When I typed the words “do you collect globes?” though it triggered a memory of a photo I saw on flickr many moons ago. I guess that’s where it all started for me. I saw a photo of someone’s collection, maybe just five globes or so, but I loved how they all looked together. All these years later I still love the colors and how a grouping of globes looks!

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