Friday Favorites #377

These prints are so pretty + perfect for anyone out there without a green thumb but with a love for cactus!
 (via: Haveanicedayy)
Just so you know Friday Favorites will more than likely always include a pair of glasses from now on. Sorry bout it. This clear pair is so cute and I wouldn’t have to worry about them not matching any hair color I have.
 (via: Classic Specs)
Of course I like this rug, duh!
Such a cute planter! I love when random things combine my interests.
Y’all, this record player!!!
Pretty sure I’ve featured about one hundred eye phone cases (oh geez, sorry. I couldn’t resist) by now but I just love them so much!
So, this chandelier is crazy expensive but holy smokes, it’s awesome!
When pencils are this funny I’m almost tempted to give up my love affair with super smooth pens. Almost being the key word here. Ya girl is a pen addict…
 (via: Earmark)
Ahh! Such a precious pin.
 (via: Haveanicedayy)

Link love…
Born to Explore!
▴ I’m cackling over this sign. If I ever live in an old spooky looking house it will be a necessity.
Chattering teeth socks!
▴ I’m sure it’s more for looks than anything but this cat bike light is adorable (and super cheap!)
These face masks make me giggle so hard. Maybe you’d prefer pugs? Or cats?

Happy Friday!!

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