Friday Favorites #379

Absolutely love the print on this backpack!
(via: Modcloth)
I’m such a sucker for cute little glass display boxes, but the shape of this one is just killing me!
 (via: Ruggy Revival)
(via: Tech Tools)
A cactus mural for your wall!
 (via: a new wall)
I already have a small collection of vintage signs but I sure do love this one.
This little pile of pillows, and that blanket are what my home decor dreams are made of. Seriously, that eye pillow!!!
  (via: Zana Products)
This dress!

(via: Modcloth)
A donut shaped coffee warmer. OBSESSED with this! I am definitely going to want one of these when the weather cools down and I’m constantly chugging hot drinks.

A suspended loft with a trap door. Y’all I am SO into this idea.
 (via: Post)
 It doesn’t quite match my current style of furniture but I can’t deny the fact this chair and ottoman are way rad!
(via:  LexMod)
Fossil collection starter kit! I love this idea, and I love the execution. The rest of the shop is full of other fun things I really dig too. I feel like the shop owner and I could totally be buds.
 (via: treasurehider)

Link love….
▴ I posted about the Vans/Nintendo collaboration a little while ago but I didn’t realize there were socks too!!
▴ Because everything in my life should be b+w striped, including my pens!
These bowls are almost too pretty to use for food. I totally thought they were just for rings and things but they say microwave/dishwasher safe on the bottom!
▴ At first I was like “oh cute, an inflatable cactus” but then I saw it was a “men’s” cactus. …uh, what?
▴  THIS BRA!!! (NSFW, obviously)
▴ A floating swan light for your bathtub. So cuuuute!

Happy Friday!!

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