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sunglasses – Moorea Seal
sweater – TJ Maxx
pins – Skull by Valley Cruise Press, planet c/o Moorea Seal
belt – Modcloth
shoes – Black Sandals via Modcloth

You guys, I have to brag about this purchase. So a few weeks ago Modcloth had a big sale where you could get 40% off items that were already on sale. I was just browsing for the fun of it but ended up spotting a few things. Most of the items I liked were already sold out in my size or had reeeally bad reviews (…which is probably why they were so deeply discounted.) I ended up purchasing these sandals, and this dress for a grand total of $22.99. It came to $44.99 but I apparently had a $20 credit so *BAM!* I wasn’t so sure I’d like either and was kind of bracing myself for disappointment. It seemed like one of those things that was too good to be true.

Much to my surprise, when I finally got them and tried them on, I ending up LOVING both items.The dress is super high quality, the perfect length for me, and fits like a glove. It was also originally $139. What a steal, right?! It’s not my typical style. Ahem, it’s not striped. But I feel so beautiful in it. I basically want to wear it all the time. The sandals I was honestly figuring I’d wear a handful of times and end up breaking them considering how cheap they were but they’re slowly creeping their way into my pile of most worn shoes. They match everything!I feel like the queen of sales right now. I wish shopping was always this successful!

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