Friday Favorites #381

This print by Ashley Ronning is so darn pretty. Really, just all of her work is. She has a lovely style.
I’m pretty sure I own this exact hand, except I have a set of them… and they were way more expensive. So this is me telling you this is a really good deal, and they look awesome holding jewelry!
I think I’ve featured this before in the past but it’s so cute I’m sure no one will mind. The perfect coloring page for moth lovers.
 This pack of socks is pretty darn awesome + super affordable!
 (via: Amazon)
I am LOVING the color of these glasses. Just imagine how cute they would be worn with a hair color that matched!
 (via: Classic Specs)
Such a cute little plant press.
 (via: ARMINHO)
I normally stick to solid colored cardigans since they’re easy to pair with any outfit. I basically own every color of this cardigan. Buuuut this one with cute little bicycles has me considering breaking my own rules.
  (via: Modcloth)
 I love this tote + this quote so much. PS. It comes in pouch form too if you’re not a tote person.
(via: Dogeared)
A cactus lapel pin. You guys, it’s taking all my might not to just start a collection of cactus pins. There are so many available! See here, here, here, here + here.
The print on this shirt!
 (via: RoEnArt)
That shirt above? It’d look perfect under these overalls!
 (via: Modcloth)

Link love…
▴  Cat furniture is never actually cute but this is actually pretty nice looking. The big question is – would the cats ever like it? Squid is more than happy sleeping in a box right now so why bother, right?
▴ I really love the product photos for this cardigan. I feel like that’s a total Kaylah outfit.
This skirt is *PERFECT* if you’re ready to celebrate Halloween but still dress fabulous.
This bra!!!
▴ I could really use this pin to warn people of my mood – hangry!
▴ This dachshund stapler is totally over the top and not necessary and I LOVE IT.
▴ One of my absolute favorite dresses is now available in a new color! I own it in gold!
▴ Modcloth is having a fall flash sale! 40% pieces perfect to start the new season with!! 

Happy Friday!!

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