instant film from out west 2016

desert, abandoned, instant film, arizona, twin arrows, polaroid

This last year and a half I’ve really slowed down on shooting film. A number of things factor into this but it’s mostly the cost. Back in March Fujifilm discontinued my favorite film, and I’ve been trying really hard to ration the film I do have because $40 for a pack of FP-3000b is INSANE and I absolutely refuse to spend even close to that for ten measly photos. I have a hearty stock in my refrigerator that I’m hoping to save for the future. I try to only use it on special occasions or when it feels absolutely necessary but there is one time I will always break out the film – vacation!

I didn’t shoot nearly as much film this year out west as I did on my first trip out there in 2014 but I did get some really lovely results with the few packs I did use. For each of these photos I took a nearly identical shot with my digital camera as well but there’s just something about the way film looks that captures the vibe of road trips so perfectly. I treasure these photos!

land camera, instant filmcactus, impossible project, instant film, polaroidinstant photo, land camera, polaroid, abandonedpolaroid, instant photo, polaroids, cactusabandoned swimming pool, arizona, impossible project, polaroid
Shoot film while you still can!
For more photos of the places pictured in this post check out – Roswell, New Mexico + Two Guns

The photos above were shot with FP-3000b, FP-100C, and Impossible Project color frame film.

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