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For basically as long as The Dainty Squid has had a space on the internet I’ve been sharing photos of what where I work looks like. I’ve moved around a lot, and even when I’m in the same space for a long-ish period of time I rearrange almost constantly. It keeps me sane. I often browse my own archives and I always enjoy looking back at what my surroundings looked like at any given time. If anything, I wish I would have taken more photos of my previous spaces.

At the very end of last year I moved my office into this small room, which was previously my bedroom. The other room, my now bedroom, was just a little too big for me. Switching the two was a great decision that I haven’t thought twice about. My furniture, on the other hand, is something I can’t get off my mind. My big glass top desk was just a little bit too large, not just for the space but for me. I didn’t need all that room. It always ended up becoming home to a pile of papers or other random misplaced items.

One evening a few weeks back I had the idea of switching my glass desk around with my sewing desk. I wasn’t sure if it would work or not just because the room has a bit of a strange layout with low windows, and an awkwardly placed closet buuuut it didn’t matter – I had to give it a go. The sewing desk is literally so heavy that I had to lay down on my back and push it around with my legs. For about two hours the whole back side of my apartment was a disaster zone, and I’m sure I looked nuts but it worked out wonderfully! The smaller desk is much better suited to be my computer desk, especially since it has nice little cubbies for all my knick knacks!

The glass top desk juuuust fits into the opposite corner of the room. I didn’t include any full photos of it because there’s nothing on it. It’s kind of just a randomly placed desk right now. I’m thinking of making it my “mail center” when the weather cools down and I get back into snail mail. For now I really enjoy how tidy it looks with nothing on it.

To be completely honest, most days I work from my new favorite coffee shop. I’m very easily distracted so if there are dishes in the sink, if there is a dog begging to be pet, or a floor that needs vacuumed – I’m going to do that instead of work at my computer. In the last few months I’ve found coffee shops to be exactly what I need in terms of a place to work without distraction. I can sit down and just kill my to do list without thinking about anything else I “need” to do.

I never really thought I’d end up being one of those people that works from a coffee shop but there’s something to it! The amount of time I’ve been spending there compared to the amount of time in this room definitely has me thinking about my next apartment and if I actually need a dedicated office. Only time will tell, and I’m sure I’ll change my mind fifty six times but for now I have a really cute little office space that I enjoy.

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A few sources
floral calendar  – 2017 version here!
see the world pennant
trouble + pizza inspector patches
friend to bugs patch 
be kind patch
waffle scented candle – it’s amazing, just go for it! 
where is my mind print 
▴ teeth containers
keyboard decals
The circle shelf is from Home Goods. Plant stand, maps, shark trash can and medical models are
vintage. Blue cart is from Ikea. If you’re curious
about anything else, just ask!

You can view all of my other previous office set ups under the tag “where I work“, and see more of my apartment under the tag “apartment“.

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  • This space is perfect! I adore all of your collections (of course) but I spied that Wigwam Village tag and nearly died of jealousy. I wanted to keep mine so badly from the one in KY but didn't 🙁

  • This is so cute. I actually don't have a dedicated work space in my apartment, which I find so frustrating. I work from my kitchen table, totally mobile; I close up shop every single night & pack it all away for the next day… I love working from coffee shops, but I'd also love a space of my own!

    • Yeah, that'd drive me crazy. I need some sort of area to set up camp in, I just don't think I need a whole room anymore. I liked my last apartment when I had my desk in the back side of my living room.

  • I love the plant stand! I'm a huge fan of houseplants, but I never really know where to put them because we don't have a lot of free shelf space, and if they go on the floor there's a chance a bunny or kitty might nibble on them.