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green hair, the dainty squid, cleveland blogger
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sweater – marbled cardigan c/o Macy’s
pins – hand by Titina Store, Life is Rad by Black Springs
boots – Palladium Boots

It’s sweater weather and I now own the coziest sweaterEVER. I actually put together this outfit for an instagram collab with Style&Co, a brand exclusively carried at Macys, but wanted to share it here too! The objective was to put together an outfit for under $100 so I picked up the three main pieces for this outfit; sweater, top + jeans. I’m really happy with how it turned out.  

And seeeriously, this cardigan! It’s so good! I was actually watching American Horror Story last week and one of the main characters wears a lot of slightly oversized cardigans. I was thinking to myself “you need to get yourself some of those!” because she always just looks so comfortable yet still put together and cute. I already owned a handful of long-ish cardigans but nothing that hung on me the way I liked on her. This one does though! I was wearing it yesterday around the house with some light grey polka dot leggings and a loose fitting tank – nailed that cozy look, y’all! I feel like I always find that perfect seasonal piece right before the weather turns so I’m pumped to actually be able to wear this for a few months before having to put it away.

On a completely unrelated subject, looking at these photos I’m reminded of a comment a troll left a while ago. It was on my 7 tips for maintaining bright hair color (but not on my post hosted here, on a link to it on a magazine’s website) and it basically said “If you’re going to photoshop your hair color, at least make it believable.” It made me laugh really, really hard because one time my best friend and I made a video where we claimed that my hair was actually brown and that I just photoshopped my pictures to be cool. Also because I don’t edit my hair color… at all. I’m just diligent about maintaining it, most of the time. So if it looks super bright in photos, it’s because it’s super bright in real life and probably very freshly dyed. Yeah, white tipped nails + fresh green hair isn’t a good choice! Most of the time I don’t really even pay too much attention to it when I’m sorting through photos, as long as my bangs are all connected – that’s my one “thing”. When I scrolled back up through these photos it definitely caught my eye how fake it looked. Looks like I dragged the saturation waaaay up, especially in the photo above. Hah! Just starting the season of “Is that a wig?” and “Is that for Halloween?” strong, I guess.



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