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skull, zipper pouch, handmade, dainty squid

PS. If you already know where this post is going and want to skip reading before anything sells out.

I have been making small zippered bags for about ten years now. For a long time it was how I made my living. Eventually I started blogging and sewing fell to the back burner. (You can read the whole story of The Dainty Squid here if you’re interested!) I honestly really miss it. The whole process is super relaxing to me and although my zipper pouches are simple in design I feel really good making something that’s actually useful.

Last year I had the idea to start doing limited edition releases of pouches made from fabrics I had printed with my own designs. I was beyond stoked with the results, and the response has been really awesome. The first round of them sold out completely within an hour! It’s been a great way to combine my hobbies – photography, and sewing, as well as skull cleaning, gathering beach trash, and plant pressing since each of the patterns has been based on one of my collections. So far I’ve done twenty seven different prints, each retired after selling out, never to be reordered again.

Since the beginning of this little project I’ve been saving the scraps. I don’t mind throwing away a small square of plain grey fabric but throwing away fabric with my own print just seemed wrong. Eventually my little basket was overflowing and I knew I had to do something with them. At the beginning of this year I saw down and pieced some one of a kind pouches together. They turned out awesome! I recently cleaned out my car and was stoked to rediscover these gems. I guess I’d been driving around with them in my car for over half the year, looking for the perfect place to photograph them, and eventually just forgot they existed. Whoops.

zipper pouch, handmade, dainty squid
skull, zipper pouch, handmade, dainty squid

These babies are absolutely one of a kind. This was the very last of all of those prints, and each one has it’s own unique design. There are a variety of sizes that fit a huge range of items. Some are coin pouches and others will fit a handful of pens and a notepad! If there’s one you like be sure to pounce immediately. Ya know, before I change my mind and keep one of the tooth ones.

You can find the twelve one of a kind pouches and a handful of other designs here!

Be sure to check out my Society6 shop if you’d prefer a something you can hang on your wall, a mug, pillow, or a phone case!  Society6 now offers zipper pouches too so you can find a lot of the prints that I sold out of immediately with my handmade pouches over there. The teeth print, you guys!

That’s all for now! Don’t forget to tag me in any photos of goodies you may buy from this post. I want to see!!

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