what I wore : prettiest pinafore


glasses – Love L768 via Coastal
pinafore – striped pinafore via Target
tote bag – Seltzer Goods
socks –Target
shoes – TJ Maxx

Lets get it out of the way first, there is definitely mud on my socks… and probably a few other places I’m not noticing right this second. It’s the grossest time of the year. Mud everywhere. I took these a few minutes after seeing Klaus for the first time in a few days. I was about to say we were probably equally excited to see each other but I didn’t almost break through the front door like him or make any weird yelping noises. He spent the holiday weekend with my parents while I took a little road trip. More on this soon. Still working my way through the photos. I felt kind of bad not spending Thanksgiving with him but I know he was absolutely spoiled and most likely ate a better Thanksgiving dinner than I did. He certainly came home with a little more meat on his bones. My parents spoil all their grandchildren, human or not.

I’m so excited about this pinafore. I actually saw E.M. from Lark + Lace wearing one. I would link to it but I feel like it was a while ago. You should probably dig through her archives though because her outfits and photos are so pretty! Anyway, once I saw hers, I knew I had to find one for myself. The one she linked to was sold out and my attempts to find one in store were fruitless. I really don’t consider myself a tall woman… until I start trying on things and they barely cover my butt. I saw this one at Target, figured it would be too short, and wrote it off without ever trying it on. A few days later I was back at Target again because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I tried it on, and much to my surprise, it covers the booty! Wooo! I celebrated by buying a top and socks to pair with it. With this cardigan on top, I feel like I could basically live in this outfit.

Well, I’ve gotta run now. I’m babysitting today… for the first time ever! Ah! Hope you have a lovely day!Ā  Cross your fingers for me. šŸ˜‰

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