10 things making me smile

Unintentionally starting a little collection of plant lapel pins.

These two, always hanging out in weird spots.

This sticker. 

Sinbad ain’t bad. Straight up snorted when it was pointed out to me.

Making envelopes from old books. 
It’s incredible how therapeutic simple crafts like this are. I use this template!

This craaaaazy plant!

Catching this face.

…And this face.

Alternative Christmas trees.
I was bumming because I won’t get a chance to put one up this year with the odd timing of moving but I guess this is just as good! 

Making little arrangements here, there, and everywhere.

Accidentally stumbling upon this.
Forrest Gump is my ALL TIME favorite movie. 

It’s the beginning of the craziest week. Moving day is Friday (ahhhhh!) and then of course, Christmas is right after that. Both of those things are obviously very exciting but also super stress inducing so tell me, what’s making YOU smile today? I wanna hear about all the good things.

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