2016 Goal Recap

Can you guys believe the year is nearly over? I swear each year goes
faster than the last. This last month has definitely been dragging but only because of the excitement of moving though. I’m pretty sure just about everyone is ready to leave 2016 behind but before that happens it’s tradition around these parts to look back at the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year and talk a bit about how I did, where I succeeded, and where I fell a little short. So here we go…

A few of my personal goals.
Use passport. *Ahem* Although I traveled more this year than I have in any previous year, I didn’t manage to use my passport. I hate that I’m not able to cross this goal off but at the same time I can’t be too upset considering how much I really did travel! You can find all the travel related posts here.

Travel by train. I take the train downtown whenever I
don’t feel like walking to the flower shop, and I rode the Cuyahoga Valley scenic
railroad a few months ago. Is that what I meant by this goal? Nope, not really. It’s definitely still something I’m
interested in though! Maybe next year.

Use my body – run, bike, stretch! YES. Thanks to Fitbit, I give this goal an A+. I honestly feel healthier than I ever have.

Unplug more. Yes… and no. I think this is something
that will always be a bit of a struggle for me considering the fact that
being connected is essentially my job. I have been more aware though
and not feeling so guilty about just stepping away from the computer and
my phone. There has to be a balance, and I’m gonna find it! I feel like having a kindle is helping me do this a little more. Already I’ve noticed myself spending less time randomly clicking around on my laptop, and more time getting lost in a book.

25 mile solo bike ride. I never did get around to this ride but I do have a really awesome bike related story! A few months ago, on the last Friday of the month, all my friends were busy but I wanted to ride critical mass really really bad. I decided to just go alone, which as a shy person is kind of a big accomplishment on its own. I was standing in public square waiting for the ride to start when a cute girl and her boyfriend approached. She asked if I was The Dainty Squid (a sure-fire way to make me blush!) and told me how she liked my blog. We got to talking and ended up hanging out the whole ride. Afterward, we all locked our bikes together, since I left my lock at home thinking I wouldn’t need it that night, and got burgers. On top of all that, we sat at a table with an older gentleman who we all had literally just met that night as well. It was honestly one of the best nights I’ve ever had. Delicious burgers, new friends, tons of laughs plus bikes! The whole thing was just so out of my comfort zone but somehow I had a blast. I pushed myself and was rewarded greatly. I honestly still can’t believe it was real.

Be brave, be alone. Yes! This goal was about not letting
street harassment, anxiety, and a whole mix of other ugly things make
me not want to spend time alone in the city. Getting pulled off my bike last year, while it didn’t leave any serious physical damage, really messed with my head. It could have been so much worse which almost makes me feel guilty for still feeling upset about it – if that makes any sense. After it happened I was really afraid of the city. Catcallers, creeps, and groups of men, especially, I couldn’t help but look at them in a different way. I’ve had a few not so
awesome encounters this year but I haven’t let them stop me. I’ve definitely made progress with how comfortable I am alone. This goal was a success.

Explore Ohio. I feel pretty good about this goal. I took a handful of drives just to check out new things, and I definitely think that walking around has helped me appreciate everything. It’s pretty wild how much you see by foot. Since I’ve started walking downtown once a
week or so I’ve found so many neat little things that give me serious
heart eyes for Cleveland. Also, specifically because of this goal I went to the Knox County Poorhouse which turned out to be one of my most fun adventures of the year! Success!!!

Make 8 GIFs. I made nine of them this year. You can use the “gifs” tag to find them all!

2 new fabric collections. I only managed to make one new fabric this year which was super duper limited edition. I have lots of ideas right now it’s just a matter of executing them.

At least one big purge. YES! While not so good for the girl who loves everything to be super tidy, this extremely drawn out move has been awesome for clearing out the clutter. Instead of just throwing things in boxes and moving, I’ve had ample time to really sort through my possessions. I’ve gotten rid of SO much stuff, and it feels really great.

Take really stinkin’ good care of my new car. Maybe not
“really stinkin’ good” but I’ve been taking care of her with regular oil
changes and maintenance. She could still definitely
use a bath and a good vacuuming though!

Save money. Heck yeah! I didn’t pretty awesome on this goal. I signed up for Digit at the beginning of the year which made all the difference. You connect Digit to your bank account, it checks your spending habits and if you can
afford it, takes a little bit out of your account to save. It’s an
effortless way to save. It’s safe, it’s free, and it’s easy. I honestly can’t say enough good things about Digit. You can find my full review here.

Send 150 pieces of mail. Smashed this goal within two
months or so of the new year. I honestly lost track of how many pieces I sent but I know it was well over 300.

Cook a real meal at least once a week. Yeah buddy! This year I discovered how much I enjoy cooking, and how relaxed it makes me feel. I’m very much looking forward to continuing this goal, especially in the new apartment! As
always, I’d love to hear about your favorite recipes! Things you cook a
few times a month that are fairly simple but super tasty?

No dishes in the sink at the end of the night. Did I do this every single night? Nope. It just wasn’t a priority some nights… but those dishes always got washed while my coffee brewed in
the morning so I’m still going to call this goal a success. I really am happiest when my house is clean.

A few of my business goals.
Schedule a week ahead, always. Ha! Hah! Haaaah! Nooope.
I used to be so good at this… but that was like three years ago. I don’t know how I used to do it! In general, I did okay about scheduling ahead of time but I definitely wasn’t a week out unless I was going on vacation.

Don’t stress over emails. I wouldn’t say that I don’t
stress over email anymore, and I’m definitely guilty of letting some sit
in my inbox way too long before responding but in general, I feel like
I’ve improved A LOT. The biggest help has been to stop checking my email a
million times a day. I try to check it around three times a day and
knock out emails as soon as I see them instead of reading and forgetting
which was inevitable when I checked my email constantly.

Business cards. Never thought of it once. It just isn’t a priority like I thought it was twelve months ago.

Eliminate distractions + set a more rigid schedule.
This is still something I struggle with. There are times when no matter
how hard I try to sit at my computer and type something my brain just
isn’t cooperating. I find myself staring at plants or baby talking
Klaus. I have found that I work REALLY well at coffee shops so
having a scheduled day or two a week at a coffee shop is exactly what I
need to do to be super productive. This last month I’ve fallen out of my coffee shop habit but I’m definitely planning on getting back to heading there a few times a week in the new year, especially since all my favorite coffee shops will be in walking distance of the new apartment.

Be more social. Forever trying! Every day I try to reach a
set number of comments to leave depending on how much time I have. It’s
so easy to just double tap a photo on instagram but comments really do
mean so much more. I think it’s really important to spread positivity. It’s definitely something I did intentionally a lot more in 2016, and will definitely be something I strive to do better each year.

More outfit photos. Success! Check out some of my favorites from this year here.

So, I didn’t accomplish every one of my goals but, like I ramble on about at the end of every year, I grew and at the end of the day that’s what is most important. In 2016, I saved money, I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone, I did my best to spread good vibes, and I took steps toward making the next year even better than the current.

2016, you weren’t so bad. 2017, lets do this!


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  • I'm so glad you posted this! I was trying to think of who I sent a postcard to and I couldn't figure it out, but then I read this and remembered I sent one to you. Did you ever receive a postcard from Russia?

  • It's so great you actually go back over your goals and see how you met, exceeded or fell short. Sometimes we realize our goals weren't needed, sometimes they're simply difficult to meet but we made some progress. Those are valuable too. I definitely feel you on be brave and be alone. I really struggle with the ability to walk around not worried about or dealing with street harassment. In Tremont it's not that bad (also I don't go out here on weekends because everything is kind of packed and full of obnoxious people) but I still don't like going out on walks/adventures past when it's super dark out. I hope I can make as much progress as you have some day!

    • That's a HUGE reason I wanted to move to Tremont. I'm over by Happy Dog in the Detroit Shoreway right now (for like three more days) and I feel SO SO SO much more comfortable taking walks around Tremont, which Jeff and I were doing a few nights a week in the warmer weather, than here.

    • Gordon Square still has a ways to go in the safety department. Unfortunately Tremont has it's issues too, usually with armed robberies of bars/restaurants around the 3:00AM closing time mark. I'm right around the corner of The Spotted Owl and the owner will be around to help the women close, but usually everything here is pretty chill. Sooooo looking forward to sunsets at a much later time so I can wander around more. I may or may not have a countdown to when the sun will set at 21:00 😀 Also yay! 3 more days!!!

  • I have been reading back through your blog for the last hour or so and I want your style and life living skills. Do you ever see someone and think, "If I were cool, this is what I would look like?"

    Keep up the beautiful writing and life living.

  • You should look for "One Pan Mexican Quinoa" on Pinterest and try that recipe. It's sooo delicious, the flavors aren't crazy, and it's only one pan! I add chicken to mine sometimes, I double the chicken broth at first and add another cup right before it's almost done so it doesn't burn, and I leave the avocado out of the pan to mix with ranch dressing and put it on top 🙂

  • Yay, I loved this! You really accomplished a lot of your goals last year, congratulations! Your resolutions posts are always some of my favourites: they get me motivated about my own 🙂