Friday Favorites #392

I’m not sure what we’ll need in the new apartment so buying really anything before actually moving would be silly but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over rugs. I’m loving this one!
Always a sucker for sweaters with elbow pads!

LOVE this phone case.

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When we were in Savannah Jeff wanted to stop in the lululemon store. I don’t know anything about work out clothes but I do know a good backpack when I see one. I spotted this baby from across the store and dashed over. It’s just a plain black bag but it’s so beautiful in person.

(via: lululemon)
I was working on addressing my holiday cards earlier this week and was kind of embarrassed at how sloppy I write without lines to guide me. This addressing guide is basically the best idea ever.

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Totally wouldn’t be able to wear these until next year in Ohio because it’s so cold and icky outside now but I adore these shoes! Strappy black flats go with everything.

(via: Amazon)
This has to be some of the prettiest soap ever.

(via: Bloomingdale’s)
I definitely picture a wall lamp like this next to the bed in my new apartment.

(via: Urban Outfitters)
As if I didn’t love this opossum pin enough, the person who made it titled it “trash baby”. SO stinken cute. I know it’s not the popular opinion but I think opossums are adorable. At the apartment we looked at before finding out about the one the guy who owned it was all “I gotta warn you we have a bit of an opossum problem in the backyard.” and in my head I was like “PERFECT!”

(via: Tenacious Bee)
I don’t think I’ll stop obsessing over gold glasses until I have a pair of my own. I’m loving this pair from Coastal.

(via: Coastal)
Crushing on this desk BIG TIME.

(via: Jeremiah Collection)

Pizza, peach, mushrooms! Cute socks that are 3 pairs for $20!
(via: Urban Outfitters)
It’s time to officially start thinking about 2017 calendars! I’m loving this one.


Link love…
▴ The ultimate gift for the cat lady in your life – a custom pet portrait knit sweater.
Aaaadorable striped pajamas. Surprisingly not black and white, as you’d expect from me.
Do you text your mother with those fingers?
▴ Love this strappy bralette!
▴ Obsessed with this coat. It looks like it’d be warm and still manage to look cute with a dress.
▴ I’m about due for new keyboard decals. Love these ones!

Happy Friday!!

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