Friday Favorites #393

Cactus socks! Woven Pear actually has a ton of really cute socks. Definitely worth a browse if you’re a sock person.
(via:  Woven Pear)
Forever a fan of a good black and white dress! I’m especially fond of the polka dotted one.
(via: Modcloth)
 This horse skull ring with black diamond eyes is what all my jewelry dreams are made of! I’ve been a fan of Artemer‘s incredible rings for a while now but that horse ring is just ridiculous.
(via: Artemer)
Love love love these concrete planters! They look so wonderful grouped together.
I recently acquired some rosemary mint composition oil from Aveda and it’s amazing! It smells so nice. It’s basically the best ever for back massages.

(via: Aveda)

I really like this jellyfish shower curtain. IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!
 Hidden Mushroom‘s coloring pages are the cutest!
How great is this cardigan!?
The best kind of Christmas tree! It even lights up!
So, this has to be the best candelabra…ever! It also comes in smaller sizes, like just a single candle holder, if you don’t need something that fancy!
Link love…
▴ Because who doesn’t want 3 eyed kitty stickers?!
Cat-cus socks!
▴ If you have a little girl and you sew, you probably should make this heartbreakingly adorable romper!
▴ I’ve never been so tempted to buy vintage stamps!
▴ I’m not big on white dresses (forever getting dirty!) but this cactus dress is so cute.
▴ While we’re on the topic of cactus – look at these pajamas!
Happy Friday!!

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