Friday Favorites #395

Like the idea of insect collections but feel bad about having real bugs? Well Deaths Head Riot has you covered! How awesome are these handmade insects!?!
To be honest, I didn’t realize TOMS made shoes as cute as these!
(via: TOMS)
 You ’bout that plant life?! I know I am!
It’s kind of batty how cute this phone case is!
You know, I’m not really sure why a puppy would need a fancy little backpack but it sure is adorable!!!
 (via: HarLex)
Look how cute this camera bag is!
(via: Kailo Chic)
This looks like the perfect fit + flat dress! It’s simple and comes in a variety of different colors.
(via: Amazon)
(via: Supah)
This shirt! Please, and thank you.
(via: Modcloth)

Link love…
▴ Wish I was a bracelet person because I’d be all about this double head snake bangle!
▴ It’s way too early for me to be dreaming of pretty swimsuits but would you just look at this one!
▴ I feel like I’ve featured SignFail a million times before but their signs make me laugh every single time. I’m especially liking this one right now.
▴ I’m cracking up over this pet portrait. What a sweet little puppy to wear a hat like that.
▴ This polka dot skirt is so fun.
▴ I love these sheets. I don’t love that they’re almost all white and I’d get them filthy with food and hair dye in no time flat but I still really like the way they look.


Happy Friday!!

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