Friday Favorites #397

THIS BEDDING! I basically just want to move into that photo.
 (via: Anthropologie)
 Hello there, desk of my dreams!
 (via: World Market)
I want a life time supply of coffee scented candles.

(via: Modern Forestry)

I don’t know any kitties who would put up with this level of tomfoolery but I still very much enjoy the idea of my silly little Professor in an inflatable wizard hat!
(via: Amazon)
I like big slices and I cannot lie. (Also in pin form if that’s what you’d prefer!)

Always a fan of cute pens! Tiny Bees is actually full of adorable and suuuper cheap stationery items!
(via: Tiny Bees)
I recently got this bag in the mail, and I’m sure I’ll share pictures of it soon but I just have to rave about what an awesome bag it is! I thought it was just a regular backpack but it has a nice little cushy pocket for my laptop and the front pocket holds my kindle perfectly. It’s my new coffee shop bag!
I 1000% do not need any more dishes but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over these babies.
  (via: Anthropologie)
 A set of compliment postcards to send to your friends …or to strangers!
 (via: Amazon)
I already put all my polaroids in albums last year (after having them just occupy boxes for many years previous!) but I want to buy a ton of these albums and fill them instead.

Link love…
▴ This medical model set? Pleeeeease and thank you!
Coffee fudge. YES. PLEASE.
▴ Why are vintage stamps so much cooler than the ones available now!?
▴ It’s me! Duchess of sassytown!
▴ My all time favorite cardigan, which I already own more than a handful of colors, now comes in a new color!
▴ I really enjoy Sarah McNeil’s illustration style. Her custom pet portraits are theeee cutest.
▴ Don’t mind me, just drooling over pretty little opal rings.

Happy Friday!!

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