Friday Favorites #399

Love love loooove this striped top! It looks like the kind of thing you can pair with just about anything and still feel a little dressed up.

(via: Modcloth)
I almost bought these shoes the other day but stopped myself because I couldn’t decide if I would wear them constantly or not at all. I’ve been trying to day dream up different outfits I could pair with them. Black and white striped dresses would definitely look great!

(via: Amazon)
Earlier in the week I found this candle at Marshalls. When I walked into the candle aisle I could smell coffee immediately. I eventually found the candle producing the smell and happily purchased it for $7.99 (maybe $8.99? Point being it was under ten!) It’s literally one of the best candles I have EVER smelled. I went online to grab a few more only to find that they’re a lot more expensive. If you live near a Marshalls (and like the smell of coffee) go track down this candle RIGHT NOW. Or just purchase it online, it’s honestly worth the price.

(photo by me, candle by Makers of Wax Goods)

 I know I’ve featured Zak Foster’s quilts before but whenever I’m browsing their photos always catch my eye!
 (via: Zak Foster)
This embroidered notebook is the bee’s knees!
This shelf is kind of the best.
I’m in the process of searching for things for the bulletin board (…which I still have yet to purchase) in my new office and this patch seems pretty perfect!
 (via: Cat Coven)
Since I’ve been drinking so much coffee and tea lately (something I did none of a few years ago) I’ve been looking into those really dorky mugs that change when you pour a hot beverage in them. I kind of feel like I should have a collection of them. This climate change mug is pretty cool.

(via: Amazon)

Exactly the sugar I want to put in my tea! So darn cute! (They also offer colorful sugar skulls if that more your thing!)
 (via: Dem Bones)
(via: Snoogs & Wilde)
Modcloth is having a huge sale right now! Up to 70% off!

(via: Modcloth)

 Yes, please! I would gladly add this head to my collection.

Link love…
▴ Five pairs of ridiculously cute dog socks (that are also super cheap and somehow still have great reviews!)
▴ This cactus swim suit is adorable!
▴ I kind of have a color crush, like everything I’ve been attracted to and end up purchasing is this color. Baby pink. Who am I?! I don’t even know but I do know that I found a baby pink saucepan and I need it.
▴ Total heart eyes for this backpack.
▴These coasters that can be made into a cactus when not in use are so clever!

Happy Friday!!

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