my dream bathroom + silk’n revit review

I’ve already expressed that every single room in my apartment is the greatest but I must say the bathroom is something spectacular. Liiiiike best bathroom I’ve ever been in, and I can’t believe its mine! When we walked into the apartment for the first time after it was finished checking out the bathroom was my main priority since I wanted to see that claw foot tub. I made a beeline straight into the bathroom, and I was not disappointed.It’s not completely finished yet but I really really wanted to share some photos today because I am in looooove.ย  I’ve already exclaimed “I want to LIVE in the bathroom!” …and with the amount of bubble baths I’ve taken already, I kind of do live in there.

My plans for the room include possibly hanging a plant in front of the window, and getting a small cabinet for the corner. My bike is only there temporarily until I can figure out where to store it but I’m not going to lie, I think it looks pretty rad in the bathroom. Anyway, the corner where my bike is hanging out is actually a fairly decent sized space. It’ll be great for storage but currently there are no shelves or anything – it’s just a weird little nook. I’m leaning toward getting something like this. Doors on the bottom are important, ya girl has to have somewhere to hide her crazy collection of hair dye. It’s definitely going to look amazing once I get everything completely organized.

Shortly before moving I partnered up with Silk’n to test out and share about one of their products, ReVit. It’s an at-home microdermabrasion tool that combines gentle exfoliating with vacuum stimulation. It reduces the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and acne scars. I’m not really worried about any of those things at this point but the idea of something that will make my skin look smoother, give me a more even complexion, and remove all the dead skin cells certainly appeals to me.

Before moving I got on this “save it until the new apartment” kick. If I bought something new, I had to wait until we finally moved to use it so that it was super special. Since I was a kid I’ve been the kind of person who when they get something new was probably putting it on in the car before even leaving the parking lot so this sort of self control was a huge deal for me! New pjs for Christmas? Can’t wear them until I move. New tea? Not until I move. This was another of one of the new things I saved for the occasion which makes me even more excited about it. In my big, white, clean bathroom it feels particularly fitting to be using this. Basically my bathroom feels like an “adult bathroom”, and this tool feels like a very big girl tool. (Read: I feel fancy as heck!)

I’ve only used it a handful of times so far, each time in conjunction with a bubble bath and sheet mask, the ultimate pampering routine!! , but I feel like it removes sooo much dead skin. I take that back, I know it removes so much dead skin because I can see it in the filter. It’s so satisfying! Their website claims you’ll see results in as little as one week but immediately after using it the first time I could tell my skin was much softer. “Jeff! Touch my chin! Isn’t it soft!? You have to try this!” It’s amazing! We’re not even two full weeks into the new year and I’ve already decided ReVit is going on my list of awesome things I started using in 2017 (see 2016’s list here!)ย 

It’s super easy and painless to use. (I mention painless because I
honestly had no idea what to expect and of course tried it on my hand
before putting it on my face.)
You just wash, and dry your face then run
the ReVit slowly over the area you want to treat. It’s kind of tickle-y
but no big deal. Immediately after using my face is a little bit red
but it settles down quickly. I haven’t dealt with any lasting redness. It’s seriously the coolest.ย  If you’d like to give it a go for yourself, which I highly recommend, Silk’n products are available at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Ulta, select Target stores, and of course, the Silk’n website.

pssst. this rosemary mint body polish is amaaaazing!

I’ve got a brand new bathroom with the claw foot tub of my dreams, and baby smooth skin – I am one happy camper!

This is a sponsored post but all opinions belong to me and my baby smooth skin. Thank you for supporting the companies that help support The Dainty Squid!

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