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As well as the thousand other goals I made for this year, I also made the goal to spend more time with friends. We all live so close to each other but somehow always end up going long stretches of time without hanging out. A housewarming party was the perfect excuse to start the year off right, get everyone together, and of course, show off the new place. The timing also worked out absolutely perfectly as I was able to team up with one of my all time favorite companies, Cost Plus World Market, to throw a game night / tasty snack themed house warming party. I guess that kind of sounds like a weird theme, but when I think Cost Plus World Market I think of all the fun sodas, and unique snacks they carry. I seriously never leave there without at least one new thing to try! It’s also where I discovered chocorooms for the first time many years ago so it obviously holds a special place in my heart! I really really love gourmet soda so I was super excited to share this love of my mine with my friends, and have a solid excuse to come home with a ton of pop! Plus who doesn’t like board games?!

I’m SO happy with how my little set up turned out! The area I placed all the drinks and snacks on the counter is in view immediately after you walk in the door so it was the perfect way to welcome our friends into our new apartment. I wasn’t a hundred percent sure the direction I was going to go with this party, other than buying all the snacks and pop, but quickly found a theme with gold, black, and white. Actually, as I was checking out the cashier commented on how cute everything I was buying looked together which was super reassuring and a perfect segue to tell her about my blog.

Neither Jeff and I drink but I couldn’t resist grabbing this bottle of wine that comes in a cat shaped container. I’d been eyeing it up for the last few years, thinking what a cute vase it’d make but felt bad buying wine just to dump it out. It made the perfect centerpiece on the counter, my friends enjoyed drinking it, and now it’s gonna look perfect with some flowers. Win/win/win!!!

For games I picked up Sorry! and Yahtzee to play (and to start mine + Jeff’s game collection. Awww!) We
quickly realized that out of the six of us nobody actually knew all the
rules for Yahtzee but gave it our best shot anyway. I lost so hard that
I declared house rule was lowest score was actually the winner. We didn’t get around to playing Sorry! since Yahtzee took us an incredibly long time (because of course we were taking turns picking weird videos from Youtube to show each other) but we did find time to play my all time favorite game, which to our knowledge doesn’t really have a name. I’m not all that awesome at explaining things, but I’ll give it my best in case you want to play…

How to play the best game ever!
Everyone gets a piece of paper, and a writing utensil. You write down a sentence which ideally should include a noun and an action verb. For example “A rollerskating raccoon.” After everyone writes down their sentence, you pass your paper to the left and the next person tries to draw your sentence. When they’re done they fold the part that has the original sentence and pass it to the next person who writes down what they think the original sentence was based on the drawing. They fold over the drawing and pass it again. This goes on until you get the paper back that you think has your original sentence. When we’re done we go around in a circle and show off everyone’s drawings and sentences. Nobody wins or loses, the point is just to laugh at the whole thing evolves. Sometimes it’s amazing how accurate it stays, and other times it’s just hilarious how off track it gets. Our group tends to write some ridiculous sentences, that sometimes don’t even make sense to draw but that makes it even more fun.

I was a little nervous to commit to throwing a get together, no matter how small, the same week as we moved in but it ended up being the perfect push for us to get settled in quickly. Obviously the apartment wasn’t fully decorated yet, it still isn’t, but I loved breaking in the new place like this. Here’s to more nights like this, with tons of snacks, and even more laughs!

Special thanks to Cost Plus World Market for helping make this party happen!

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  • Your game sounds very similar to "Exquisite Corpse!" It's a surrealist game that Dali & Co. used quite often at their gatherings to inspire. It's a little different, but it sounds like you might have fun playing this one, too! You can do it with words, or my favorite, folding up the paper so you each draw on a single section, and seeing what you come up with together!