Friday Favorites #402

I’m not even a huge fan of pancakes (the only place I ever liked them from closed at the beginning of this year) buuuut I really like this shirt. The photo alone makes me want to wear it. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate product photography like this. I come across so many things I want to share in my Friday Favorites but can’t because the photos are just… nope. Anyway, THIS SHIRT!
 (via: Pyknic)
Earlier this week I was searching for phone cases and was honestly just overwhelmed by the amount of choices so I gave up. I bookmarked this one, discovered it again this morning, and it miiiiight just be the one.
 (via: Pattern Party)
 (via: kelzuki)
I have serious heart eyes for this geode dress and shirt.
(via: Modcloth)
These patches are so lovely! I’m particularly fond of the Cactus Club one!
 (via: Oh Plesiosaur)
I’m not crazy about the idea of wearing mismatched socks but I do reeeeally like this pair.
 (via: Many Mornings)
I know I’m not the only person out there who sometimes wants to purchase things just because of the pretty packaging. Loooove these candles. The scent, bourbon & vanilla, doesn’t sound too bad either!
Snacks, my one true love!
My favorite bright green Palladium Boots have taken quite a beating recently and I’m trying to decide which ridiculous color to go with next. These “lemon” ones are definitely a top contender.

Link love…
▴ If you’re in need of a smile today, check out this lion mane for dogs. Cute idea obviously, but what really gets me are all the customer review photos. SO MANY PUPS!
grl pwr! 
▴ Such a pretty dress! The black and white one is my favorite, for sure, but I also dig that pink one.
List-makers gonna list<— It’s a list pad! 
▴ For all my pals who love banana scented things – this banana foaming face cleanser sounds amaaaazing.

Happy Friday!!

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