Friday Favorites #403

This shirt not only has a cute print but it looks like it fits really well. 
(Long torso here, so I’m always stoked about long shirts!)
I’ve got some serious heart eyes for this backpack! That color!
 (via: Phestyn)
I’m always a little weary of items of clothing with photoshopped patterns on them instead of actual product photos but this dress (and the million other patterns they offer!) actually has really good reviews. I’m definitely going to buy one, it’s just a matter of choosing the print.

(via: CowCow)

Have you been looking for a gold plated pizza necklace? I found it for you!
I basically love everything Lucky Horse Press does!
I’m pretty sure I feature Ashley Ronning’s work every few weeks but it just always catches my eye. I love the colors she uses and her style.
How cute is this moth pin?
 (via: eradura)
Last year when Jeff and I went to Toronto we opted to see the city by foot. We walked nearly all day for a few days straight. I felt fine except for the last day when my feet hurt so bad it almost brought me to tears. We are going to be taking another trip that will be mostly on foot so I went on a hunt for shoes specifically for walking. I ended up finding these babies and surprisingly they’re actually cute! (Still open to hearing any recommendations for footwear from those who spend all day on their feet!)

(via: ASICS)

Lovin’ this lunar calendar! It comes in other colors if pink isn’t your jam.
 (via: durido)
Woolrich has some really adorable sweaters! These two are just my favorites but there are nearly two dozen cute designs!
(via: Woolrich)
Love love love this cheetah!


Link love…
▴ This cactus print is so pretty. I really really like the colors.

▴ Someone please go buy this ridiculous denture mug so I don’t have to.
▴ Totally digging this tote, especially after seeing that customer review photo where it’s in direct sunlight!!
▴ Such a foxy nightgown. Heh!
▴ I recently got Amazon Prime, something I thought I didn’t need, and have been loving it! Free two day shipping is rad but I’ve really really been loving all the movies and shows I can watch. Seriously, it ends up being a better deal than Netflix! All of that just to say, watch Fleabag! I’m so sad to have finished it. I can’t wait for more episodes.
This jacket is equal parts ridiculous and adorable.

Happy Friday!

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