project 365 : days 51 – 57

51 : 365 New Orleans! Jeff and I spent a week there, in case you didn’t see me posting about it constantly on instagram. I have so many photos (and recommendations!) to share from our trip so keep your eyes peeled for that!
Jeff is always looking for the highest view of any city so our first night in the city that’s what we went hunting for. I was pretty tired and ready to just call it a night but tagged along. We shot from one corner of this building and when I walked to the other side I spotted a piece from my favorite graffiti artist, You Go Girl! Such an awesome way to start our vacation. I went back later in the week and got a much much better shot but I wanted to share this one since it was such an exciting moment.
52 : 365 …And SOLD!
Another artist I had my eyes peeled for in NOLA, Reader. They were one of the first to ever catch my attention back in Cleveland (I even wrote a post about it!) so I’m always excited to spot little pieces of their work! I could honestly share a whole post of photos of Reader + You Go Girl work I saw in New Orleans. 
53 : 365 Such beautiful colors everywhere you look in New Orleans!
54 : 365 On Thursday we took an Uber to one of the cemeteries I spotted from the highway on our way into the city. I haven’t even begun to look through my photos from this location but I’m pretty stoked. It was gorgeous there, and despite a run in with some fire ants, I think I got some solid shots!
55 : 365 Friday – back in Cleveland. The kitties were so very happy to see us, and despite looooving New Orleans, it felt very good to be home. I missed my apartment!

56 : 365 Jeff and I decided to keep up the adventuring momentum by taking exploring a few abandoned buildings before going to pick up Klaus from my parents. We’ve been so much more active this year than last year and it feels amazing. 
57 : 365 Taking silly photos of Professor is honestly one of my all time favorite hobbies.
Also, all three pets in one photo! Woo!

This week is for playing catch up. Vacations are so much fun but getting back up to speed is kind of the worst, especially when you ignore your inbox for a full week. Ah! The good thing is that since I have been so busy I have a TON of photos to edit which is always exciting. Hope you have an awesome Tuesday!

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