Friday Favorites #407

This dress is covered in beetles! Do I even have to tell you how I feel about it!?
 (via: Modcloth)
This cactus wall hook is super cute. I really like that it’s white so doesn’t really stick out too much, that it’d just be a fun surprise when someone notices what it is. Although, it does come in green too if that’s more your style!
I LOVE this blanket!
 (via: nicenicenice)
I feel like I may have already featured this shirt but even so, it’s worth posting again.
The cutest ring dish!
…And a ring I would absolutely love to put into it.
 (via: Love My Tapes)
Rainbow notepad! So darn cute! Also, you should probably just go ahead and buy some fruit-scented pencils to write with.
(via: Urban Outfitters)
This raincoat is so awesome! Even more awesome is that it folds up into a compact little bag. It comes in a handful of other prints if you’re not a fan of dragonflies.

(via: Joules)

Y’all, these boots are dreamy as heck!
(via: Office)
Ah! Look how cute these jeans are.
(via: Lulus)
 This would be super cute filled with plants.
This succulent coloring book looks like a lot of fun. There’s also this cactus coloring book + this one too!
 (via: Amazon)

Link love…
Eyeball dress!!!
5 pack of cactus print socks? Yes, please! (They’re under $15!)
▴ The bottom of this dress is so darn beautiful!
▴ It’s just a plain black button up top but it looks perfect! Love pieces that are super easy to wear but make it look like you put some effort into getting dressed.
▴ How adorable are these cactus leggings? You can also find a dress + skirt in the same pattern!

Happy Friday!

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