Greenwood Cemetery

Throwing it back to last month’s New Orleans trip right now. Since we wouldn’t be renting a car in New Orleans we had to find some way from the airport to our hotel. Jeff, and I both own our own cars, live in a drive-able city, and generally have had no reason to ever use any sort of ride sharing app. This would be a first. After having a rough time figuring out where the heck our Uber was at the airport, we eventually hopped in a stranger’s van and rode somewhere completely foreign to us. It was actually really fun, and only mildly terrifying. Our driver was super sweet and told us a bunch of places we had to check out in the city and said she’d point out some cemeteries from the freeway that she thought we might like. She didn’t have to point them out though. I spotted them immediately, prompting this tweet.

A few days later we summoned (requested? called for? I like “summoned”) another Uber and headed back toward the cemeteries that had caught my eye on that first day. There are actually a handful of cemeteries right next to each other in this area. Any other day and I could have spent the whole day exploring but the day we chose to head out there was HOT. Jeff wasn’t feeling it but I was running on adrenaline. Anywhere else trying to do that much walking in the heat and I would have called it quits but these were places I had dreamed of visiting for years. We walked through Cypress Grove Cemetery first which, in my opinion, maybe isn’t the most exciting. After that we crossed the street to wander around Greenwood Cemetery.

Greenwood was nothing short of amazing. Its such a beautiful cemetery. Despite the heat and a run in with some fire ants (I literally ripped off my shoes and was thiiiiis close to taking off my pants), this was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

Greenwood Cemetery had a lot of really interesting mausoleums. The photos above and below show two of my favorites. I’ve never seen anything like them!

new orleans, cemetery,
mausoleum, cemetery, pelton

After spending only a little over a half an hour here we headed back to our hotel because we both were so hot. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to spend more time here or check out any of the other cemeteries nearby but I guess that just means I have an excuse to go back!

Until next time, NOLA!

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  • What amazing cemeteries! Your Uber story made me laugh – even though I don't have a car and Uber is super popular in NY I've still only taken it a handful of times. I've found it to be really useful in other cities actually to get to cemeteries since I very rarely have a car when traveling and they're usually located a bit out of walking distance. It's also SO much cheaper outside of NY and people are much more friendly – almost like having your own personal tour guide.

    • YES! We got awesome recommendations from every single one of our Uber drivers. One of the dudes even had a printed out piece of paper with his favorite restaurants on it for his riders. It was so cool!

  • The little dog statue is adorable. I'm glad you managed to put up with the heat to take pictures. They are beautiful. I especially love the one of the flowers in the foreground.