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For basically as long as The Dainty Squid has had it’s own little place on the internet I’ve been meaning to make a list of the blogs I enjoy. So much time has passed that a great majority of those blogs are no longer active. At this time I actually don’t read very many blogs so it kind of felt silly to write a post that was basically just “hey guys, I read this one blog. you should too.” But then I had the idea to share a few of my favorite instagram accounts as well and I definitely have some solid recommendations. Without further ado…

My top 9 instagram accounts.
top row, left to right.
@blackspringsfolkart. Beca is one of my oldest internet buddies. I find endless inspiration in her + her partner Doug (who also has a rad instagram!) Beca + Doug make rad things, rescue animals, and basically just seem like genuinely good people. Oh, I also can’t leave out the fact that Beca is a phenomenal baker. Her macarons were the first I ever tried and the ones to get me addicted. She’s also the one who made that INCREDIBLE cactus cake you’ve probably seen floating around the web recently. BAM! Four new accounts for you to explore!
@egweeds. Erin is a Cleveland artist, and I am a complete fan girl. You may recognize her work from some of my photos since I always hunt down her work around the city!
@ohchloe. Chloe is an incredible photographer. She’s also a pun master.

middle row, left to right.
@stuckwithpins. I believe I originally connected with Corinne when I saw that she was into oddities like I am. She has such an awesome aesthetic and is really inspiring. She has a blog you should probably check out too.
@not_in_new_york. If you’re a fan of my found on the beach series you’d probably loooove this account.
@doug.smith. I found Doug through his fiance Sara (who is also on this list!) and fell in love with his photography. I love following the two of them because I enjoy being able to see the same thing shot through different people’s eyes when they go on adventures together.

bottom row, left to right.
@goodandnice. I’m just a really big fan of Alayna’s whole aesthetic.
@martha.stewardess. I’m not sure how exactly I found Denise, maybe her dreamy home which you can find a tour of here, but she quickly became one of my favorites. She also has the cutest puppy named Lola so you should obviously follow her.
@4theloveoftoys. Sara is kind, colorful + creative!

My favorite blog is…. drum roll pleaseThe Only Living Girl in New York. I think it’s pretty safe to say if you like The Dainty Squid you’ll probably enjoy Alexandra’s blog. We have very very similar interests. She regularly blogs about cemeteries, abandoned places, books, and her everyday adventures. She likes all the same weird stuff I do including novelty architecture so we’re basically soul sisters. 

I also regularly read Greatest Escapist, MFer Photography, The cat you and us, and – my newest obsession – writes like a girl.

Tell me about your favorite blogs + instagram accounts! I am always looking for more people to follow. (Also, if you think yours is one I’d be into feel free to leave your links as well!)

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  • Becca and I are old friends (8 years?) and actually… she’s the one who first taught me to bake! We worked bakers hours (sometimes 3am!) and listened to Billie Holliday and Johnny Cash while we made scones, muffins, pies and all the good stuff. Her baking is incredible now… I can’t get enough of her IG!