project 365 : days 72 – 78

72 : 365 I randomly bought the cats a bed because I saw one that was cheap, and cute. I didn’t think they’d ever use it since cats are notorious for not giving a crap about anything you buy them (Looking at you scratching post!) Much to my surprise the bed is almost always occupied by one of the cats which makes me feel like the worst cat mom ever since they haven’t had their own bed all these years. I shouldn’t feel bad though because I own some reeeeally cozy blankets that they always hog so it’s not like they’ve ever been uncomfortable.

73 : 365 Just a photo to show off my nails. I’m trying so hard to get back into the habit of painting my nails all fancy. Seriously, these kill me. It’s hard because I’ve gotten stuck in the rut of just painting them one solid color, and calling it a day. Polka dots are a simple step in the right direction.

74 : 365 Spent some time replanting a few things. I really should go through my plant collection and photograph everything. I’ve been wanting to do some side by side comparison photos to show how much they’ve grown but I rarely take photos that truly show off the size of anything.

75 : 365 Some just because flowers from Jeffrey. So sweet.

76 : 365 This dog isn’t happy unless he’s in your lap. It’s kind of the cutest thing but also kind of the most annoying thing.

77 : 365 Boss kitty in his leather chair looking all sassy.

78 : 365 Klaus looks like he feels overwhelmed by the number of colors he has to choose from.Yeah, I might be a little obsessed with these marker/pens. I already LOVE making lists, and these make it even more fun. I had the small 10 pack but had to purchase the set of 20 too because more colors is always a good thing!

Happy Monday!

You can keep up with my Project 365 photos under the tag “project 365“, of course!

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