project 365 : days 79 – 85

79 : 365 Lots of stripes and overalls lately, not that that is anything new.
Lapel pin by Valley Cruise Press.
80 : 365 Favorite plant, favorite puppy. Both love the sunshine.
81 : 365 I recently saw on instagram that Flambeauxs teamed up with my favorite graffiti artist to make some candles. Obviously hit “add to cart” real darn quick on that.

82 : 365 My dudes + I did a little poking around underground. I didn’t take too many photos down there but I did take this one that I ended up really loving it. It’s not the usual style of photography that I share on instagram so I made a comment about how it probably wouldn’t get very many likes… then it ended up getting a comically large number of likes. (Here) I wish I had more to share from that night but if you’re interested in seeing more underground stuff, I posted a bunch of photos back in November.

83 : 365 You guys, I really really love this cat. He makes me smile every single day. He acts so excited to see me every morning, like he’s been deprived of cuddles and kisses for the last eight hours. He’s good people.
84 : 365 Another pin close up! I’ve got the full outfit post coming up later this week.
85 : 365 Taking dumb photos of my pets is honestly one of my favorite hobbies, if you hadn’t guessed that already.

Happy Monday!



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