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It happens every year. When the warm weather comes around I remember just how much I love spending time at the beach. I remember just how relaxing it is for me just to wander the shore, listen to the waves crash, and search for colorful items that have washed ashore to make arrangements. I literally blog about this same thing every single year but somehow the realization is completely new and exciting each time. Every year I discover that this is my happy place.

I’ve been spending a lot of time at the beach these last few weeks. Because you should always take time for the things that make you happy and ground you. We’ve had some pretty awesome storms recently which always washes in an abundance of crap from the lake. The beach has been a mess which I guess works in my favor. I’ve been gathering beach finds for another round of limited edition pouches. My first batch was really awesome but so far I’ve gotten some real gems that I can’t wait to work with.

While searching for interesting pieces for my project I’ve also been picking up lots of kind of normal, not so exciting things as well. When I went to lay out my finds on this particular day I didn’t really have much that worked together in a single arrangement so I ended making a few. It turned into a tiny, temporary art exhibit of sorts. It wasn’t something I planned but now I want to do it over, do it larger, and with a thought out plan.

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For a spur of the moment idea, I think it turned out pretty neat. Someone who happened to show up at the beach as I was finishing up even managed to find me on instagram later and comment on my little installation which felt pretty neat. When I returned two days later it was still standing, although you could tell the waves had washed some sand over a few rows of lighters. It makes me wonder how many other people stumbled upon it. I wonder what they thought…

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