Friday Favorites #411

It’s not a full sized model but still a seriously seeeeriously awesome price for this anatomical model. I’m so tempted. He’d be perfect on one of my shelves.

(via: Joe Blake)

I am sharing this ridiculous napping pillow because it almost made coffee come out my nose. Then I actually saw a review about migraines and how they hoped it would help theirs (it didn’t) and it got me wondering if it’d help with my migraines. I always want something on my head when I have one so this seems very appropriate. This started as me sharing to make fun of it but dang, it could actually be helpful!

(via: studio banana things)

I really dig Boyoun Kim‘s style! I especially like that donut print.

(via: Boyoun Kim)

Another fairly affordable medical model for ya, this time an ear! This shop actually has a handful of vintage medical models for sale right now if you’re on the hunt.

(via: dlcHaberdashery)

Forever a fan of a good notebook!

(via: Native Bear)

THIS JACKET. Yes, pu-leeeease. Just picture it paired with a good black and white striped dress.

(via: Blanks NYC)

I featured a witchy hand keychain in last week’s Friday Favorites, and I have another one for you here today.

(via: Buried Diamond)

Such a pretty mug!

(via: Back Bay Pottery)

Super into this patch!

(via: Alison Rose)

I just love school things as decor so much! These desks are gorgeous.

(via: Chouette Fabrique)

So darn cute!

(via: Steve Madden)

How adorable is this bicycle dress!?

(via: Modcloth)

Link love…

  • Although they’re not something I could see myself in, I love these swimsuits – 1 + 2. Because of all my tattoos I tend to buy bathing suits that are all black or have very simple patterns so that I’m not even more obnoxious looking but those two are so cute! (Ah. Hold up! Found the same one in black! Ca-yooot!)
  • Loving this cat bag, and this ice cream clutch!
  • Oh look, a striped dress that I really like. Shocking.
  • I’m crushing on this lamp!
  • Speaking of lamps, if you’ve ever envied my stupid giant ice cream cone lamp, I found a mini(ish) version. It’s only sixteen bucks!

Happy Friday!

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  • I could sure use that pillow when I’m not at home and am struck with a migraine.

    Has anyone recommended a daith piercing to you for migraines? A few of my coworkers and I suffer from just horrible migraines and all went as an office to get this piercing and we’ve all seen significant improvement in our migraine frequency (one gal quit her meds all together!) I know it’s based mostly on anecdotal evidence, but worst case scenario if it doesn’t work, you can take it out (or leave it in and just have a sweet new piercing)

    • You know, I had heard that but also heard a lot of people saying how it was all made up. I guess if it works for even one person though that’s super awesome!

      • It took me a long time to get on board. Like, YEARS. I’m a biologist, so basically if I don’t have proof in a scientific article, I don’t believe anything. But seeing my coworker come to life after nearly having to go on disability for her migraines is what convinced me. My piercer told me that it only works on certain kinds of migraines, though, because it puts pressure on a nerve that the migraine travels through, which can desensitize it. I don’t know if it actually works, or if I’m just a victim of the placebo effect, but it appears to be working for me either way XD