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I’m a few weeks late making this announcement, I was just waiting until a few loose ends were tied up first, but The Dainty Squid has a brand new look! You’ve probably already noticed by now but I’m super excited about it, and just wanted to point out a few things (and of course, encourage you to hop over to view the actual site!)

The Dainty Squid has made the switch from blogger to wordpress. It’s something I’d been putting off for…well… literally years. I always made excuses why it wouldn’t be worth it but duuuuude, so worth it. Despite a few small mishaps, I’m very happy with how everything turned out. My main goal with the switch was to make the blog somewhere easier to click around and stay a while. I don’t want you to just come and read the newest post, I want you to have multiple ways to be able to browse past posts. I feel like I definitely accomplished that, especially if you just start off on the main page.

My other big goal was to make something a bit more mobile friendly since so much of my traffic is through mobile devices. The Dainty Squid is still best viewed on a computer, in my opinion, but it should now be a lot easier to browse on your phone. Make sure to hop over and check us out on your computer if you get the chance. It’s so pretty!

Some other fun things include much larger photos, a new about page, new advertising page, new categories in the sidebar to make browsing easier, and a silly 404 error page.

There were a few issues with the RSS feed. I got Bloglovin’ fixed but if you’re using another other sort of reader you may need to update your feed. should do the trick! Otherwise, all links should lead to the same place with a few exceptions like some very old posts that were deleted. I cleaned out the archives and got rid of a lot of posts that just didn’t feel very relevant to my life anymore.

So yeah, I’m pretty excited. I love The Dainty Squid’s new website and I hope you do too! I think it’s a lot more visually appealing!

PS. If you wouldn’t mind indulging me, how do you find out about new posts? Do you follow through a website like bloglovin? If so, which one? Do you wait until I post about them on social media? Or do you simply visit I’m very curious!

Also, I recommend following through bloglovin’ for the fact that if something does go awry again I’m able to contact them and get that fixed. Through other readers I have no control and there’s no way for me to contact anyone to say “hey, this changed, this is where you can find me now”.






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  • I actually use the Blogger Reading List, it works for all blog platforms and I like having everything in the one space (and I hate Bloglovin with a passion personally). It did stop updating a while when you switched to your real name url, but I found it again by searching you. I follow you on Instagram too so I’d see any notifications there. I’m a complete lurker but I’ve been reading your blog for years, I love seeing how it’s progressed and grown with you!

    • Ah, good to know! I actually prefer that too but need to find something else now that I’m no longer using blogger for anything.


  • I noticed the change a few weeks ago – it’s fantastic! The main page does lag on my browser though for some reason 🙁
    I’ve considered the switch to wordpress as well… was it complicated? I feel like all I know how to do anymore is blogger coding, that’s the only thing keeping me from switching!
    As far as how I follow – I use Feedly. Never been a fan of the Bloglovin’ interface. You’re right though, I only noticed the switch when I realized I hadn’t seen a post from you in a while and you post frequently enough that I went to the website to see what was up 😉

    • It was fairly easy! There are so many little plug-ins that make importing everything painless and there are SO many tutorials for basically anything you may have a problem with. I recommend making the switch sooner than later if it’s something you’re interested in. I LOVE IT.

  • I’m reading you for 3 years. Just checking your site every day and sometimes get notified via twitter and Instagram. I’ve never commented before, though. My own website moved along all the blogging platforms, so I can understand your feelings about migrating from Blogger to WordPress. WP is better in my opinion, and more flexible. It’s easier to use.

    If you don’t mind, I can give you a simple advice (or recommendation) how to ease your readers’ life. There’s an official free plugin by WordPress developers called Jetpack. It has an option to add checkboxes under comment field with “subscribe to blog” and “subscribe to comments” functions. So users will get notified if a discussion is going further or if you or someone else replied to their comment.

    Sorry for all the mistakes. I’m not a native English-speaker. Have a good day.

    • Well glad to see you commenting now! 🙂

      Ah, good idea. I just went in to change that and apparently it was already enabled so I guess it’s something in my layout itself that needs changed. I’ll look into it more soon.

  • I’m soooo happy you moved to WP because now I can COMMENT! Blogger was such a jerk and would never let me comment unless I was signed into my Gmail or whatever. This is way better.

  • I just visit you on a daily basis by 🙂 Your blog is currently the only one I read – unless Elycia has posted 🙂

    I love the new look! Matches your awesome new life! <3

    • Thanks for the info! 🙂

      Gah, Elycia! I tell her EVERY SINGLE TIME I see her that she needs to get back to blogging! I hope she gets back into the swing of it someday. I miss her blog.

  • I ADORE the new look Kaylah! I’ve always thought your blog was very pretty to look at, but this really does look spectacular. I bet it feels super refreshing too, especially after cleaning out your archives. Spring cleaning for your virtual home 😄

    As for your question-I visit your blog everyday by going straight to…I used to use Bloglovin’ but it slows my computer down. Once I get a new one, I plan on going back to Bloglovin-it was my favorite way to stay up to date on all my favorite blogs.

    Your excitement is contagious 🙌😸

  • I actually found your blog through Facebook. It was recommended to me after I visited another blog I follow via the Facebook app. I’m really glad that happened! Now I’m following you on Facebook and instagram but I usually check your site directly everyday to see if there’s anything new.

  • I follow the blog on Bloglovin, but I’m the worst at checking it for new updates. I am, however, the best at immediately opening every mention of a new post on Twitter! I think I can honestly say, I never miss a post thanks to Twitter

  • I used to use bloglovin and sometimes checkmin there, but the pile of unread posts is too intimidating, so I usually click through on fb now, or if I see a post on IG that sounds interesting!

    It’s looking lovely!

    • Good to know! I feel the same way, sometimes seeing that there are so many unread posts makes me feel like “Oh, well, nevermind!” 😛

  • I was using Blogger’s Reading List and noticed immediately that I didn’t see one of your newer posts that you mentioned on Instagram, but I quickly followed you again under ‘’ since that’s what I was redirected to, and it’s been working ever since.

    I love the new look, it’s so easy to navigate and appealing to the eyes! I also would not object to a post about the ins and outs of moving to WordPress since it’s something that I am apparently going to have to do at some point, and I have no idea where to start 😫

    • Thanks, Indya! To be honest, I just googled my way through the process! There is a plug-in on wordpress that makes it super easy to import all your old posts, including the comments! It’s definitely a little bit of work but worth any hassle, for sure!