three years!

Today Jeff and I celebrate three years together.

Three whole years of traveling, binge watching tv shows, devouring pizza, crawling through windows, stomping around underground, riding bikes, driving really far distances for reasons most people wouldn’t understand,  exploring the desert, cuddling pets, eating delicious food – lots & lots of delicious food, daydreaming about the trips we’ll take together someday, and of course, annoying each other. He’s the one who always knows when it’s time to feed me (because without fuel I simply quit talking. Sometimes I don’t even realize it.), always knows when I need caffeine (another instance where I just don’t talk), and always encourages me to try new things, meet new people, and be the best me possible. He loves my pets, and always wants to spend more time with my family. Speaking of, there isn’t a soul in my family, grandma included, who doesn’t simply adore Jeff. I also wholeheartedly believe a couple of them like him more than me. C’mon, you guys. He’s the kindest person I’ve ever met, he smells amazing, and he’s all mine. I’ve definitely found my person. ❤️

Happy Anniversary, Jeff! Thank you for the best three years of my life. Here’s to a billion more! xoxo

PS If you haven’t had your fill of gross lovey-dovey photos for the day, check out these posts – our one year anniversary + our second anniversary.


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