10 things making me smile

by Kaylah Stroup

This is a little bit different than my normal ‘10 things making me smile‘ post because it’s all photos of Professor. Back at the end of February I made him his own instagram account, @fessermakesfaces, so that I wasn’t constantly posting photos of him on my regular account. I thought I’d just post them here and there, whenever I had them, but it ended up becoming something that I specifically took photos for. He’s supremely photogenic, or maybe unphotogenic and that’s what makes it so good. Either way, I have an abundance of funny photos of my little toasted marshmallow that I want to share here for you today.

so angry
licking up catnip
*derp*cat with litter on its nose, professor stingray, siamese
litter nosecat wearing a hat, siamese, cat, hat
a fancy boy
that little tongue
Ahh!fancy feet
howling at the moonfunny cat photos


I just can’t get enough. Sometimes I think about the fact that I almost didn’t adopt him and it seems so ridiculous. I didn’t want another cat, especially one that I thought would have long hair. He was so fluffy as a kitten. He’s the weirdest cat I’ve ever met, constantly doing something that makes me smile. I hope that even though you’ll probably never meet him these photos, that convey his personality so well, make you smile as well.

If you’d like to see more of this wild little animal, on a daily basis, be sure to follow his instagram account.

funny cat photosbonus hyperspeed kitty!




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