Friday Favorites #419

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This dress plus those shoes = the cutest!

(via Modcloth)

This bag is such a beautiful color.

(via Alex Bender)

Digging these nails! They’re super easy to do too.

(via Stick It Vinyl)

I seem to feature Ashley Ronning’s work in my Friday Favorites quite often. I just love her style and use of colors!

(via Ashley Ronning)

Jeff and I recently started using a water pitcher with an extra section to add fruit. It’s been awesome because I try to drink a ton of water but it kind of gets boring. With this, I actually want to drink more because its so tasty. So far my favorite combination has been cucumber and strawberry. It’s super refreshing. I’m posting about it here though because I want to know if y’all have any favorite combos for fruit infused water! Up next, we’re going to be installing a Ukf8001 filter on our refrigerator so I can make sure the ton of water I do drink on a daily basis is as clean as possible.

(via Amazon)

Cactus club!

(via Oh Plesiosaur)

How gorgeous is this ring?!

(via Tinybox12)

Love this cute little patch! Its super affordable too.

(via Triangle Trees)

Morning delight – “It smells like the perfect coffee drink with cream, caramel, and vanilla.” I’ll take five of them!

(via The Dancing Wick)

These sandals!

(via Amazon)

Lovin’ this tea towel!

(via Wild Hart Paper)

Link love…

Happy Friday!



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